Monday, February 1, 2016

2 finishes for me!

!That list certainly got me motivated!

I have two finishes crossed off

My Christmas Story by Anni Downs and Vintage Sewing Collage by Gail Pan

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Number Two Finish For The Year

Yay, another finish and this one was a few years in the making. 

The stitchery was a BOM and called 'Love Is' 

Next week I am off to my parents, so on the way down I will stop off in the Hawkes Bay to find a hanger for it.

So glad it is finished.

My Oldest UFO

Back in 1988, I went to the first NSW Quilt Guild's Quilt Symposium held in Armidale NSW. It was the first of its kind and a group of us spent four days(??) doing various classes from a wide range of tutors.
One of the classes I did was machine quilting - using a walking foot - we had to pre-prepare a panel and in the class we quilted.  This was all before fabric markers that vanished, so it seems we marked in pencil.  I finished the panel at the time and it has been sitting / hiding ever since.(One interstate move and one house move)

In 2011 (I think) I joined up with Sew Its Finished and it was to be one of the projects that I completed that year.  When the time came I couldn't find that dratted piece anywhere...(must have had a "tidy up" binge!!)...So I found another project.

Finally, it's a cushion......Glad to have it off the list.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy Dance !!!

I am delighted to be able to mark "The Postage Stamp " off my UFO list for January......

The quilt measures 52" X 73" made in 1 1/2" squares.... I quilted it in the ditch across 4 squares and down 5... looks like lots of envelopes on the back.....

Now to work out what to do for next month's finish ???

Hugz  Maria

My UFO List

Thank you so much Wendy and Dawn for the encouragement and motivation I need (badly!)

My List has been a tad shortened so it appears achievable and doesn't scare me too much! I really hope this is the year I finally get these done and dusted.....

UFO List
Postcards from Paris quilt
Hexagon quilt
Trip Around the World mini
Vintage Kitchen mini
Peace on Earth quilt
Cutting Mat and Ruler bag
Here we go!
Teresa xx

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Finish

My first UFO finish this month This month I completed a table runner out of blocks I have made for block swaps but deemed not good enough to post. I really like how it turned out.

I even managed to practice some free-motion stitching on it too

So that is one item already marked of my list.  I have also got a couple more items to add to the list in my search for things, so will add in the next few days on my blog

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Here's a Start.....

I thought if I only list SOME of my UFO's and WIP it may be easier to work through........We'll see??

This is my Aiming for Accuracy Flimsy . It was sandwiched and pinned in 2013 and that's now it stayed..... Hope the pins haven't rusted...

Would be great to have "Natures Journey"done for our Triennial Hanging in October. Need to sandwich and quilt.

The Postage Stamp quilt was listed way back in 2011....

A Jelly Roll quilt started at a workshop last year run by our club...

"Long Johns"  was cut out ready to sew some time ago.....

"Mystery Quilt" another Patch one...

There are two SALs  I need to get done......


EPP with Helen Stubbings from Hugs and Kisses...

as well as these Stitcheries...

BOM by Lynette Anderson...

"Welcome Home" by Jenny....

These cute Snowmen by Natalie Bird..

Sew if I can get these done by October with the help and encouragement of  Dawn, Wendy and the ladies I will be a very happy girl.......

Hugz Maria      Life on the Block..