Monday, September 30, 2013

A reminder to post your finishes for the end of the month….

Hi girls,

I know both Dawn and I have been rather quiet on the blog of late….I know Dawn’s been caught up with her treatment and some well-needed R & R, and I’ve just been in de-clutter mode, along with catching up on designs…two very full-on tasks for me. But we have been keeping an eye on all your finishes from the wings, and you girls just keep on inspiring us, more and more every month…the UFO’s you’re getting finished are phenomenal!!!  Well done!

And I’m pleased to say, Dawn’s doing well and I’ve managed to finish both designs for August and September.

You’ll remember that I had to modify the August block due to copyright issues that never even crossed my mind when I was drawing it up…..I thought an Aussie symbol was something that belonged to us all??….but no…..when it was checked, I was not given permission to use the rising sun badge on the stitchery……so…….note to self:  when designing, rule #1 – always consider if any part of your design could be a potential copyright issue.

060 (Medium)

But modifications were made, and now it is ‘slightly’ different…. (after restitching the whole block with some invaluable advice from a gorgeous friend)

007 (Medium)

…but still portraying the same feelings, I hope!

And September’s block is just a cutie…..

006 (Medium)

….and will get you practicing your satin stitch…..

002 (Medium)

…but I’m sure you’ll still love it, and you’ll all be experts when you’re done!

So both blocks will go out tomorrow to those that had finishes in August and/or September….a gentle reminder then…..if you want the September block (August finishes have already already  been tallied, ready to go up on the blog tomorrow), make sure you have posted at least one of your UFO finishes for the month on this blog so I can count it in the tally by 5pm tomorrow afternoon, Nth Queensland, Oz-time.

Can’t wait to see them all *wink*

Sew Many hugs xo :o)

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Needled Mom said...

I would not have thought of copyright issues either. The designs look great.

Fiona said...

well done wendy.. they look lovely... and great to hear Dawn is doing so well....

Maria said...

Shame you had to change your design but the new one looks great..
Love the September stitchery too.
Pleased Dawn is doing sew well.

Susan said...

Shame about the Rising the flowers for September...the wheels look like they will take some time.
Cheers to Dawn!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Beautiful, beautiful designs! And good to hear Dawn is getting some R & R.

Blessings & Aloha!