Saturday, December 7, 2013


It'S Done!!!  My oldest WIP is now completed after a little over 3 years!  It's a Wonky Christmas Advent Calendar, which has had its top stitches ripped out 3 times, so this is quite a feat indeed for a project I thought would only take me a week.  Many times I had tried to come back to this project, but time and time again I would go away frustrated and throw it back on the shelf.  This lovely prize was completed the very last few days of November, but I haven't been able to reveal until today as I was waiting for my husband's sister and family to get their gift for Christmas early this year.

I also completed a popover dress to send to my friend's daughter along with a quilt for a coming female child. This one was also completed in technically November but had to remain a  surprise until the package arrived!

Well our whole world is covered in ice, so it's a good day to go snuggle under a quilt today!!
*\0/* Cheers,

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Needled Mom said...

What lovely gifts. The advent calendar will be cherished for years to come.