Friday, January 29, 2016

My UFO List

Thank you so much Wendy and Dawn for the encouragement and motivation I need (badly!)

My List has been a tad shortened so it appears achievable and doesn't scare me too much! I really hope this is the year I finally get these done and dusted.....

UFO List
Postcards from Paris quilt
Hexagon quilt
Trip Around the World mini
Vintage Kitchen mini
Peace on Earth quilt
Cutting Mat and Ruler bag
Here we go!
Teresa xx


Susan said...

You can do it!!!

margaret said...

I think it is good not to have too much on a list as it can rather than motivate put you of, some interesting projects you have here, best of luck with them

Maria said...

Good luck Teresa. Nice to have a smaller list.. you can always put up another if you get them all done.

Teresa said...

I hope so Susan!

Teresa said...

Exactly ehat I was thinking Maria!