Monday, June 3, 2013

Blocks have been sent

OK, our free Block of the Month blocks have been sent out to our lucky finishers for May….check your inbox if you had a finish in May and let me know if it didn’t arrive and I’ll check into it!

We had thirty-eight finishes this past month…..not the top score, but a great score nonetheless so well done to all who managed a finish in May.

If you check in our sidebar, you’ll see this takes our total to  278 finishes which leaves 222 to reach our goal of 500 by the end of the year!!!…..well on track if we do 37 per month for the rest of 2013……can we do it????


I did notice however, it was a bit trickier to tally this month as I wasn’t sure whether all our finishers were UFOs or new finishes……

Just a couple of notes…….

  1. Sew It’s Finished is a blog for finishing off UFOs from previous year(s)…..doesn’t matter how old they are, but they need to be from 2012 or before
  2. Soooo, if you blog about a finish, could you please note how old it is (if any of yours are like mine, they could have been around when the dinosaurs roamed, so a roundabout figure will do!!!)
  3. We don’t mind looking at new finishes, in fact it’s very inspiring,  but  please just make a quickie post and direct us to your blogs to read more about them…that way we can focus on congratulating getting those cobwebbed projects out and in the open and we’ll direct readers to your personal blogs as well!
  4. Please also remember to add labels to your post as to what number finish it is,  how many you’ve done so far and your name  and any other relevant information such as type of project, whether it’s a bag, or table runner or a designer name , for example.  If you don’t know how to do this, when you write your post you’ll see the  labels (circled) on the sidebar… can write your own in the box or add ones from the arrowed list by clicking on them.    Then click on the ‘done’ box at the bottom and that’s it….they’ll be added to your post.

SIF labels

So let’s see how many we can kick over for June……30 days……can we make 60 finishes??????   We’ve done it before……let’s …….



Dawn & Wendy :O)


Fiona said...

lovely stitchery and thanks for the reminder about labels... will get mine done...

miss~nance said...

Mine arrived this month Ty Wendy.