Saturday, November 30, 2013

Home for the Holidays-done!

Nothing like cutting things short! This quilt 'Home for the Holidays' was a free pattern from Anka's Treasures. Done in time for Christmas.

The quilt pattern is a panto with Trees.

I loved using up lots of older Christmas fabric on the backing. One of the fabrics is from 2001! Woohoo!

Hope everyone survived the Black Friday, well..those in the US. I did the online shopping and got pretty much all that I wanted. The stores are getting a little smarter. They don't have everything online..or the price is a little better in the stores. JoAnn Fabrics, for instance, had flannels on sale for $1.99 online OR $1.49/yard in the stores. Although there is a local JoAnns near me, it doesn't have a huge selection, so I would have had to drive 50 minutes to get to the big store. I figured that I would have saved $4.50 by going to the store for what I needed. So NOT worth it...getting up at 4:30 AM...driving 50 minutes there, battling people to get the fabric I wanted, standing in line to get it cut, standing in line to pay, driving 50 minutes home. The fuel alone would have cost me that! So I stayed home in my jammie's and shopped on line. Oh he games we play! LOL


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Maria said...

Nice finish Karen..