Friday, April 15, 2011

Six Coat Hanger Rule

My name is Leanne but most people call me Lucky. I have been asked by Dawn and Wendy to let you know about my coat hanger rule. Thanks so much Wendy & Dawn for this opportunity to let people in on my secret, keeping UFOs to a minimum.
I’ve only been sewing since December 08 and I can understand how easy it is to have those UFOs multiplying .Starting quilting late in life I was thrilled to be able to turn my daughter’s bedroom into a sewing room the day she moved out. .
I quickly learnt there are so many beautiful quilts, table toppers, cushions and bags tempting me every day. I could so easily have more UFOs than I care to mention. I didn’t want to find myself in a situation where I was hiding half finished things.
As I use the walls to hang my rulers and decorate my walls with gifts from swaps I thought why not my own WIP and the 6 coat hanger idea was born.

How does this rule work?
The coat hangers each hold one project I can work on and my limit is 6. I can’t start a new project until a coat hanger is empty. Also the items are often the first thing I see when I walk into my sewing room.
Having 6 items to pick from helps to keep me motivated as I may want to work more so on a particular project more so than one of the others. In doing this, the items that hang longer aren’t forgotten and after a while I look and I feel like working on this one today.
I don’t include swaps or BOMs as there is always a time limit and I have no problem in completing those one.
Once a BOM is finished I then hang it all in a sealed bag on the wall and then its ready to be completed, before I can start something new. Like last years BOM I did with some lovely ladies that Dawn designed for our “Our Craft Forum”. Once there was a space on the wall, up the BOM went. No time at all it was turned into a table runner, instead of sitting in a cupboard.

So there you have it, my 6 coat hanger rule and it’s worked for 2 years in my sewing room. I love the idea of not having the UFOs hidden from sight. Seeing my WIP on display is as rewarding as having it finished and moving onto something new.


Gloria J W said...

Great idea Lucky...and one I SHOULD embrace....but tell me, how do you hang a quilt top, together with backing and wadding...that's just waiting to be quilted...from a hanger???? Guess I would just pull the walls down!! When my new room comes along, I'm going to try this wonderful and exotic idea out!!!
Hugs Gloria

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

great idea!!

grandmarockton said...

Lovely idea but I can't afford the Hangers!

Lyn said...

That's a great idea, keeping them visible and also a way to limit the number of things on the go- I might just have to try your idea to keep my projects under control!
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Susan said...

That is a great idea - though since I already have a LOT more than 6 I will have to extend the number of "hangers" but it has started me on a new line of "what to do with . ." I too am about to get a Sewing Room - ever since my eldest daughter got engaged I have been drawing up plans, noting ideas etc etc. It is less than 90 days now til she moves out (who's counting??) and I am itching to get in there.
Thanks again

Craft to Do said...

Sounds like a great plan Sunny.

My UFOs are created when new projects get introduced to me. I need to lock the craftroom door and not let any more new ideas in.


BubzRugz said...

I think it is a great idea to have them where you see them.... otherwise they do get forgotten.... like those ones of mine in the back of the cupboard!!

Liz said...

A great idea -Lucky. And the proof that it works well is in your finishes. thanks for sharing

Mary Ann & Mother said...

What a GREAT idea - thanks for sharing!

sm said...

good idea

Kayly said...

Fabulous idea! One, I think, I will adopt.Though, like the ladies above, I could fill way more hangers.LOL. Thank you for sharing this.