Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crow Wall Hanging

Hello fellow sewer/bloggers!

It's been months since I've posted on here. After being out of work for two years and three months, I started a job the end of April and I'm finally getting into a new routine.

So when I joined this blog, I posted that one of my goals was to complete a crow wall hanging from the pattern I purchased two years ago at a national quilt show in Williamsburg, VA. Now that the temperatures around here are more reasonable (even chilly today) I'm in the nesting frame of mind and want to make pretty things again.

So here is my wall hanging. I still haven't sewn the casing on the back so it's temporarly hung with tiny straight pins (hence the slight sagging).

The pattern had straight quilting on theirs but since I love leaves so much and my fabric had leaves in it, I decided to quilt it with falling leaves.

Sewing all the beads on took quite a bit of time, but I did it while watching my favorite BritComs on Saturday nights.

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I'm not sure if I'll complete my fall bird quilt, but sure will try. I've already started making Christmas gifts (actually completed and delivered one already).

Happy sewing!


Susan said...

Congratulations on getting a job after all that time - and a finished quilt - yay!! Cant beat those British Comedies. Christmas?? - again?? Oh No!

Diana said...

I like the leaves very much! Lovely quilt in colors i love.

Fiona said...

Great wallhanging.. so effective

Chris H said...

That is gorgeous!