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Thanks Dawn and Wendy

Sunday, September 4, 2011

One finally finished.....

I have had this sitting on my shelf waiting to be done for quite some time and I finally got my act together and got it done.

It is Foundation Pieced and I loved doing it. I love how the points are so precise with FP and its all exact :)

Might do another one later on in the next year or two :)

It's a free pattern too so if you want to do one then go HERE and download the pattern.
Its called Earth, Wind and Fire.
I have shown it on my blog but its been a while since I posted in here so thought I would put it up in here too.
hugs to all....


Leeanne said...

That is very pretty, they would make fabulous gifts.

Maria said...

Lovely finish Vicki.
Thank you for the link.

Susan said...

Vicki - that looks great And thanks for the link (Project 60something)

Connie said...

This is so beautiful! Paper piecing is on my list of things to learn, thanks for the link.

Chris H said...

Very pretty! Well done on the finish.