Saturday, February 2, 2013


I am very happy to report that I finally have my first FINISH of 2013 done.
I had to find something in a hurry to finish off and give to our daughter Amanda for her newborn son Liam.  

He was born on Friday night... a week early.

I have made a quilt for him... well the top is done.  But, it got bundled up and put into storage when we had our little house flood, so I couldn't give it to her tomorrow when I go to visit the new baby.

Luckily I had some UFO's in boxes that were left in the garage (my sewing room!)... so I found one and spent all day today (saturday) doing the applique, then quilting it, adding baby's name and so on.... and now it's done:

ABOVE:  baby's Name Wallhanging.  I have several animal blocks half done from last year and the year before.  Now they are coming in handy, we have had 4 new grandchildren born in the past 6 months!
I suppose that is one of the benefits of having 6 grown up kids.

Sometimes I wonder if it is a benefit! They sure are keeping me busy ... and broke!

Somehow I don't seem to mind.  *smiles*

Right, off to bed, going to see our newest bub tomorrow and hand over his 'Name Wallhanging'.


Noela said...

Oh , your daughter will love that. Very cute for baby's wall. Hugs....

Fiona said...

Congratulations Chris .... and a lovely wallhanging for Liam... hope you can get all your stuff out of storage soon..

Marilyn said...

A beautiful wallhanging. Enjoy your visit and Grannie cuddles tomorrow.

Susan said...

Lovely name quilt for baby Liam.

sunny said...

How cute! Liam and his mummy will love it.

carla said...

Hi!! Congrats!!! Sweet wall hanging!! Love your finished quilt to!1 Thank You