Saturday, February 9, 2013

Let's try that again

I have downloaded the blogger app for my iPad. It recognises my photos but I don't know where it is going to put hem.

I have finished EPPing the 13 rings I need for Sue Daley's Square Dance. They are now ready to appliqué onto the background. I have to do the 4 border strips still, but secret squirrel sewing has to take priority. It's a red work swap and is going to test my ability to do stem stitch.

I had forgotten that my eldest nephew on my side was having a big birthday. I started patchworking after all his previous significant birthdays. He got an IOU I'm afraid. I have been researching quick but manly quilts. I have a kit I bought from the Quilter's Corner which would fit the bill, pattern wise, but not size wise though - he's around 6ft 4in. I have picked up a bright batik jelly roll that will help me make it bigger.
Hubby's still updating my lap top. I think I am a PC person. I prefer the buttons. I don't know how to hyperlink on this.
Let's see what it does with the photos.
February is here already. Let's hope this is not another year that flies by too quickly.
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Needled Mom said...

Those are just beautiful.

Liz said...


Wendy B said...

blocks look great apology needed, Blogger and I fight on my IPhone too....just not the same as the PC...not sure I'm too fond of it except for the very basic! Can't wait to see those blocks put together...!!!
sew many hugs
wendy :O)

Maureen Clare said...

That quilt will look simply amazing, it is stunning already. I can't wait to see the finished project. Cheers