Friday, February 1, 2013

Just saying 'hello'

Hi to all this year's stitchers.  I am so pleased to be part of this blog again.  Still being hassled by technology gremlins, though - this time, it's the walking foot that decided to literally fall apart!  

Will post 2013 project list when I have the courage to check all the places where they are hiding [still a dreadfully large number].  Now must try and finish at least one of them, very quickly, to get Dawn & Wendy's lovely incentive.

Happy sewing, everyone


Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Hi Lizz
If your list is too scary (like mine was) then just post the ones you find first, then when they are finished you can go and dig out some others.
Thanks for saying Hi.

Marilyn said...

There are some other rather long lists, mine included, so dont be put off. I am finding that this year having them all listed is working well in my determination to reduce the numbers. Just hoping time allows me to continue working through them.

Tracee said...

Digging them out of their hiding places is part of the fun, the treasures that one finds that have been long forgotten.

Maureen Clare said...

If only you could see a snapshot of my UFO's and K.A.R.T.S. Don't let it overwhelm you. I am a 'virgin' poster but it is actually motivating me and I just grab a kit out of one of my crates and do it. This month was 6 little items (all the same pattern) and I have already given 2 each to my 3 grown up children so not only have I made them, they are also given away. A calming feeling so keep up the good work. Such vibrant colours in your quilt. I love it.