Saturday, February 9, 2013


Oh My Goodness…what can I say!!!….Wowza, you girls are


If you could only see me….I’m doing backflips, frontflips, doing it gangnam style and breakdancing all at the same time….well….in my head anyway!!!! 

Why, you may well ask??? 

Can you believe a whopping 75 finishes for the month of January????!!!!   That’s right…..SEVENTY-FIVE……..three score and fifteen….wooohooooooooo!

Yes I know…I did give you extra time, because I was away…and this was an additional 16 items but still… jaw is dragging on the ground….literally!!!!!    When I forecast 500 finishes for the year….I really was thinking 12 full months but I think we’ll do that in about 7????

So….let’s see……a predicted 500 finishes less the 75 completed already…that leaves 425.  Given 11 months to go, thats about 39 finishes a month….I think we’ll do it, no problems….considering there are 45 of us so far… each a month will get us there, eeeeeasy!

Oh girls…..I’m speaking for Dawn and myself, we’re just like proud clucky little mother hens… proud of you all!!!! 

And because I’m brimming with absolute joy…..I’m sending each and every one of you the first month’s block of the month pattern….just because!!! 

But don’t expect it to be a regular thing….I’m caught up in the moment now….each month, you are going to have to have at least one finish of a UFO project you’ve started or have fully organised from before Dec 31 2012 to get the next block…or you miss out!

Remember, February’s a short month so get stitching and rip out your UFO’s (metaphorically!!!! )  and let’s see how many we can do this month!

Sew Many Hugs xox

Wendy and Dawn :O)


Outback Crafter - Debra said...

wow, that is amazing. So good that we are all on the ball. I hope we can maintain the momentum.

Thanks for the pattern. It is quite cute.


Maria said...

OMG Wendy don't you go hurting yourself with all that activity, break dancing,backflips,front flips and gangnam style...LOL.

thank you for the pretty stitchery pattern.

What a fabulous job to all the ladies with the 75 UFO finishes..

Needled Mom said...

Way to go!! I hope all went well with your son.

Thanks so much for the delightful pattern.

Liz said...

Thank you so much for the pattern.You have exhausted me already,with the gymnastics and the math.:):)

Cheryl said...

Love the pattern...and WOW that's a great start for 2013 for the group!!! Thanks to you two for the motivation!

Maureen Clare said...

Nothing like making our "Mum" proud. With congrats like that each month we are all sure to want to do better than 75 - like Cheryl said, you are both great at motivation. Thanks for the pressie xox