Thursday, April 18, 2013

An April Finish

I did these stitcheries in mid 2011 - not too long ago considering some of my UFOs,  I have spent a bit of the time since searching for a fabric to go with them.  I settled on the burgundy fabric from a Michelle Hill / William Morris collection.

This little runner will go on the hall stand in our entrance - and I am sure the cat will decide it's a lovely sleeping place - for a while at least.


Susan said...


Chris H said...

Very pretty runner, and the desk is gorgeous!

Fiona said...

yea, 2011 is not bad for finishing now!!! it's great.... love it..

Karen K said...

Oh this is is just beauitful and what a fantastic home you have found for it. I love the colours and the stitching is super.


Nancy said...

Nice stitching. I wish I was better at this.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Pretty. I really enjoy mixing embroidery with quilting. Blending two of my loves into one.

My two cats love to lay on any quilt I happen to leave within their reach.