Thursday, April 18, 2013

Homespun Hill Thank You

I got so many lovely comments about my quilt Homespun Hill I wanted to thank each person.
I started clicking on names sending a little thank you to each one and then discovered I was sending the wrong thank you to the wrong person.  I am getting older and easily confused.
So I decided to just post one Thank You here to everyone who commented on my post.  I wish there was someway to get the comments sent to your email so it would be easier to respond.  Maybe there is and I just don't know how.
How do you all go about thanking the people who make comments?
Nancy R


Fiona said...

Nancy, you can get the comments sent to your email. If you go to make a comment on your own post (after it is posted) you can see a little box underneath the comment form which says 'email follow up comments'... just tick that... the only problem is they come through as no reply and the only way to get around that (it takes a bit longer) is go to that individuals profile and pick up their email address - some will already be in your email addresses.

Wendy B said...

Yes unfortunately Nancy, the only way is the way Fiona explained....I've been on to Google, as they changed it last year (or maybe at the very beginning of this year) but to no avail...they won't answer my query as to why.....once you've posted, go to it and click on Post a comment and leave yourself a smiley face or "..." or've probably noticed it on some people's comments and wondered why??.....then a box will appear down the bottom with email follow up comments (as Fiona says above)'ll receive all comments then and can reply as Fiona says.....sorry but they used to come with email addresses after we did this last year but Google changed it and they come as no reply bloggers now.....another step to take now! xox hugs Wendy

Nancy said...


Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Ooops! I hadn't noticed that the comments came as no-reply and I have been replying to all the wonderful comments left for me. I guess they are all out there floating in space lol.