Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just remembered it's April 30th ... and I've finished something!

Hi everyone
I've been very quiet on the blog scene, I know, but I have been stitching.  Just keep forgetting to post anything, sorry.

Haven't time to take photo - or fixed camera problems yet - so please believe me, I have finished a scrappy quilt tonight.  It's got 6 blocks of totally random 'mile a minute' pieced fabrics approx 12 inch square, joined by tan/apricot  coloured sashing strips.  I used the same fabric as the sashing for the borders, and  a multi-dot backing fabric that picked up many of the quilt's colours was also used for the binding, as it blended well with the borders.  Works out at 35 x 34 inches, and will go in my 'charity' pile, probably for disaster survivors, as it's a bright, happy quilt.  

PS  All scraps from previous quilts, that I'd started sewing together in mile a minute blocks last year, and a friend gave me more remnants to add variety to the blocks this year.

Cheers... will try to get back on the blogging track in May


carla said...

Hi!!! Glad to see you posting!!! I believe you!!!! I seem to have lots of internet and camera problems to often to count!!! No fun!!! Your quilt sounds lovely!!!

Chris H said...

I hope you get your camera issues sorted out, it's kinda hard to comment on something ya can't see! lol
Well done on the finish.