Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Years ago I made a big patchwork bag to protect my Cutting Mat while transporting it to my Patchwork Class.

Then I stopped going to class... and the bag has been rolled up in a corner doing nothing.

So, I decided to make it into runners for my drawers:

ABOVE: this was the bag... very big and too nice to just leave sitting in the corner of me 'sewing room'.

ABOVE: I had enough to make two big runners for our drawers, and also left over squares to make two small ones for our bedside drawers too.

AND before anyone asks:  Yes, our bedroom is in the garage.  We recently moved into the garage so our adult son Steve and his fiance Bex could move into the 'Master Bedroom' with their 4 month old baby boy.  They needed the bigger room more than we did.

And it's rather comfy in the garage.  My sewing room is there too... which is lovely!  I can lie on me bed and look at all me fabrics!  

Our home gym is in there too... so I can look at the treadmill and think of how I can hang me clothes off it!  *smiles*

This is my 3rd Finish for 2013.  Not many, but I'm trying hard to get more done!

Right, time to go!  


Fiona said...

Repurposing at it's best.... love the new table runners... and that your living conditions suits your sewing... and clothes hanging!!

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Ah yes, I have heard that is what treadmills are for.

Great repurposing of that bag. At least now you can enjoy it.

Susan said...

Well - I hadn't noticed it was a garage - but you have a lovely bright spot in the garage. I can imagine a treadmill makes a great storage area for a lot of things.

Marilyn said...

The runners are great - they brighten up your room. Turning the garage into more useable space is a good way to provide more bedrooms when needed. Was catching up on your blog before - your rooms look so good.

Maureen Clare said...

I love re-purposing and now you see them. They are lovely and cheerful. Very useful finish.

Maria said...

You made some beautiful table runnners from the unused bag..
How good are you giving up your bedroom for your kids...

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

That must have been one big bag! Great way to re-purpose something you love but no longer use. Alot of families in our area turn their garage into a bedroom. You need to use every available space.