Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's Christmas!

Hi everyone!  I have finished a BUNCH of UFOs!  oh boy!!!  I am involved in the HO, HO, HO blog hop.  and today is my day to post.  so if you don't mind hopping over to my BLOG.  All the pictures are there.  I started out with 20 Christmas UFOs.  I almost completed 13.  So for right now I am claiming 11 UFOs completed.  I busted about 29 yards of fabric.  The two I did not finish, one I just need to do the hand part of the binding and the other, is on the frame - half quilted.  so in the next few days I will post 2 more. 

this gives me a grand total of 51 finishes for this year!  oh. my. goodness.....  I have achieved my goal of 50 for the year.  My new goal is to reach 75.  I can do hard things!!! 

thanks for checking out my blog!  there is a give away.  good luck



PS.  the posting on the blog hop will show on August 8, AZ, USA time.  I didn't take in the fact of time changes.  sorry about that. 

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