Friday, August 2, 2013

July’s Tally and Block of the month

Hi Ladies.....I know it's the second and I'm a little behind the times but hey....that's me!!!!! LOL  Although I knew yesterday was the first of the month, (it was my Dad's birthday), it didn't 'click' till after 10pm last night that I should have had all this organised!!!!! duh!!!!

Anyway........great news is........32 finishes which means 334 altogether this year completed!!!!   You're smashing them!!!!  leaves us with 166 to reach our goal of 500 for the year.......and with 5 months left to go, that's about 34 per month....well, according to my calculator its 33.2 but we don't want any 'bits' do we????? 

006 (Medium)

Well here is the block that the ‘finishers’ received……I hope you like's Sweet Peas for cute!  I'm off to draw up August' think I'd be better organised by now don't you?????   yeeeeaaaahhh......nope!  LOL

Can't wait to see what you'll have finished for this month.....I myself am guaranteed a finish, believe it or not.....I just have binding to put on!!!! wheeee!!! 

019 (Medium)

xox sew many hugs

Wendy (and Dawn) xo :o)


Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Well done finishers.

Of course the month I don't manage a finish (or even a stitch) is gorgeous. I don't mean the others were not gorgeous :P

Well I will have to stitch extra hard this month if I can find my sewing amongst the moving boxes. (Yep, reason for no July sewing).

Fiona said...

well done everyone... better go and dig out a finish to do...

Debbie Kelly said...

Chris how cute is your design of the tea pot do you have a pattern for sale for this I will look further but is darling and Thanks for the comment on my quiet book I love your blog thanks for visiting mine!!!! My niece loved her book I also found some old fashioned sewing or stitching cardboard blocks to play with was fun .
Debbie Kelly

Needled Mom said...

That is going to be a fabulous finish. I LOVE the sweet peas.

Chris H said...

Very nice girls!