Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 More Baby Quilts Completed

I completed this quilt today with a stitch in the ditch and hand tied knots. It is an adorable panel quilt that someone sent me and I picked up some matching flannel for the back and completed it with 2 layers of batting to make it extra cozy for the baby that recieves this!

Here the flannel looks almost an off white but it matches the dark giraffe spots and then it has teeny white pin dots. This will be perfect for either a boy or a girl and feels so nice!

Last week during my computer outage, I was able to complete another baby quilt that also had a jungle theme and came out super adorable. I was able to sell it today so I can have money in my postage account for sending out charity quilts.

 This one has quite a few of the same animals on it, however it is an entirely different scene and the colors were muted greens and blues.

So, I have 2 more projects completed, finished my sons top but I am having to wait for more fabric to complete the back. My sewing closet is looking nice and clean and my stash is beginning to thin out.

Hopefully, by 2012 I can start replenishing the old stash with new crisp fabrics!


Marilyn said...

The baby quilts are so cute. Well done.

Chris H said...

What darling quilts, I love the animals, they are really cute looking.