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Thanks Dawn and Wendy

Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Finish

I think I could get used to this - finishing things BEFORE their corresponding holiday...
... a Halloween table runner finished before Halloween!

Back in the mid-late 90's, I participated in a bunch of charm and block swaps through an internet quilting list. While trying to decide what to conquer next, some Halloween 9-patches and charms from those exchanges caught my eye. I had been wanting to make a disappearing 9-patch for some time, so decided the time was right. I thought I might even get it done early since the sun (and my boys) are going to bed earlier these days. Then strep throat ran through the family and my gal bladder and I decided to part ways, leaving me less than a week for my 'early' project. Fortunately, my partner-in-crime was willing to set my sewing machine up for me several nights in a row, and I'm here to cheer the end of another month!

This project didn't make much of a dent in my block/charm stash, but it made 3 little boys more excited about the end of summer. It also broke up a stressful morning. Two of the three went to their first day of kindergarten today, which they've been worrying about for several weeks. I finished the runner last night, so left it on the table to surprise them for breakfast this morning. It was a great diversion - giving them something other than school to talk and think about. I love when timing works out so well!


Barb said...

Oh, what a cute project. You certainly are getting the jump...good for you...while most of us will be scrambling you will be sitting back smiling.

Marla Nelson said...

I made my first Halloween runner this year. It turned out really nice.

Susan said...

Very sneaky method of diverting attention! Great looking runner and ready early.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Wonderful Halloween runner, I can see why your boys liked it. Great finish!

Chris H said...

It's lovely and bright. Awesome finish.