Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh soooooo sorry!!!!

Hi girls,
I'm sneaking sheepishly onto the blog as I've been missing for quite a while now, and failed to update last month's finishes or post out the next block to our finishers for July......
all I can say is the biggest S-O-R-R-Y  I can muster!!!

Hubby sent me on a trip to the Gold Coast......sounds wonderful doesn't it???....but it was a super fast visit to pick up a second hand ute my brother was selling and then driving it back the 1600kms, all in 2 days.....which extended out to 3!  (well, I did have to spend half a day with my brother and sister in law.....and I reeeeally didn't want to leave!!!!)

Anyways, to cut a long story short, I picked up an awful virus on the drive home and I've been laid up for weeks feeling like doing nothing, not stitching, not blogging, not even going near my computer....which is SO unlike me!!!  With chills and fevers, many hours spent sleeping, the second lot of antibiotics has finally kicked in and I'm feeling much better.....only a little cough now and I've been able to attack the long list of 'to-do's ' that has been growing since I fell ill.....

So......firstly, my humblest and sincerest apologies, but I hope those 23 ladies.....(well, 22 really......I managed a finish early on in the month, which was a bit of a surprise!!!)   ......enjoy stitching the next block, which I designed especially to celebrate a special July day in the southern hemisphere.......National Tree Day which is known as Arbor Day up in the northern parts!

Congratulations on some fabulous finishes for July......we're almost at 300 which far surpassed what we ever imagined........5 months to go......I wonder how far we can get to??????  Anyone want to guess????

Well, we're halfway through the month already, so I hope you're on track for your finishes for August???  I see many of you have already made a dent on your pile this month.....FAAAAAAN-TASTIC!
Keep on keeping on and if you were a July finisher, watch your inbox for your free design!

Sew many hugs

Wendy :O)



Narelle said...

I know how you're feeling ... I'm there with you :(
Hope your bugs are well on the run!
Love this stitchery :)

Susan said...

NO worries about being late - we all understand - we all get sick and a 1600km drive by myself would be enough to lay me low for a while.
Thanks for the tree - I love tree designs.
Maybe a goal of 800 projects??

sunny said...

So sorry to hear you've been ill! Get plenty of rest, so you can get back in the game with no relapses!

Chris H said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell... I hope you are all better now.