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Thanks Dawn and Wendy

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bom block for November

Hi Girls....

Sorry for the delay....numerous visits to doctors and specialists all over the state has taken up most of my time this month and last already!!!

Nice to know my son takes after me in 'some' fashion.....even if it is the "constant need for medical attention" side!!!! It started with a fracture in his wrist and now a torn ligament in his wrist, tomorrow is surgery to remove his wisdom teeth (not so wise!!!) and last Friday we flew to Brisbane to see a specialist about an eye issue he's had for a while now, to find he has confirmed keratoconus which means we have to fly down again in February to have a relatively new procedure done called corneal collagen cross-linking, where they scrape back the corneal tissue and place specifically formulated eye drops containing riboflavin (vitamin B2) on the cornea, and then activate them by a special light to strengthen the connective tissue (collagen) within the eye ....apparently the specialist equates the first night after having it done to childbirth....I'm not looking forward to spending this night with my 18 year old son, that's for sure!!!!

Anyhoo.....that's yet to come....I'm sure you'll hear us from wherever you are!!!!!.....

November's block was a no-brainer for me......I thought...what is the most significant Aussie thing that happens in November??? First thing that comes to mind???......Melbourne Cup!


I hope you like it!!....I really enjoyed designing this one for you.

Although there were only 12 finishes this month....it still took us to 367 finishes....I'm figuring everyone was more intent on getting Christmas swaps and gifts sorted than worrying about UFOs! But now we have a little bit of time, I'm still confident we can reach our goal of 500...or maybe come very close! After all...it is only 133 finishes to go...and I have one done that I have to post so that takes it to 132....whaddya think?????

Good luck girls ….. Go forth and Sew Many Hugs

Wendy :O) xox


Fiona said...

thanks wendy.... and all the best to you and yours... my eyes were watering just thinking about that operation..... ooooohhh...

Susan said...

I was squirming too - Hopefully some strong pain killers for the first bit. Thansk for the pattern. I have project that should be ready before the 25th so that's only 131 to go!

lizZ said...

Hi and thanks for the gorgeous pattern. Hope all goes well over the Christmas holidays for you and your family, and trust your son's eye op will be really successful. Maybe some valium for both of you, as well as the painkillers?
Am ready to add a Christmas finish today -130 to go...