Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finish #3!!!

It was an easy finish (sort of) and I was determined to do it! So... a few days ago- I sewed and ripped and sewed. I like things perfect- so I couldn't LEAVE it! I think the problem stemmed from this being the FIRST EVER quilt I quilted myself AND the heavy batting AND the 74x74ish size... who would have thought that they could quilt a quilt of this size and weight on their short arm? Oh yeah-- ME!

I thought it ironic that this line was so appropriately named for MY quilt: Attic Treasures by Brannock and Patek. Sew~ this is MY attic treasure!

I started it 10 years (or so) ago and ONLY had to finish quilting in the ditch around the red border, quilt the black and get the binding on. Sew, that is what I did one day! All in all-- it was never as bad as I thought- but a few lessons learned and great victory won in this finish!!


Fiona said...

lovely finish Jolene.... it is a big one to start your quilting on!

Narelle said...

Very striking and I like your pieced backing.
Funny how we can get so close to a finish and something puts up a hurdle.

miss~nance said...

Well done - a great finish.



Quiltingranny said...

Amazing finish it is!

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Congrats on beating the beast and finishing your quilt.

Chris H said...

WELL DONE! sometimes the thing we dread doing is actually not so bad after we have finished it!
Bit like being pregnant and dreading the 'birth bit' lol! I had 6 babies, so it obviously wasn't THAT bad!
But quilting?
Still don't like that bit.