Monday, July 30, 2012

I haven't forgotten a July finish

Hello everyone
I admit to being side-tracked by the Tour de France, and now the Olympic Games on TV.  I am definitely in awe of these athletes, given that I am so not fit, or even remotely interested in the word 'exercise'.  I'd far rather have my fabric stash, patchwork magazines and quilting friends for company!

I have managed to track down sufficient matching royal blue fabric from an online store in America so I could complete the binding of this quilt, which I began in a workshop in 2007 run by Anjii Solomon on her design techniques.   Sadly and unexpectedly, Anjii passed away last year, so it has been very important to me to be able to finally finish this quilt.  It is lap quilt size, and means a lot to me, bringing back fond memories of a very lovely lady, so I am keeping this for myself.

I used the brown/yellow floral print from the front as my backing fabric, and the reason for calling this quilt the "Iris quilt" is the small softer blue floral print used on the outer border and elsewhere is full of little iris.
I am really happy with the colours in the quilt, and the design, and my cats are delighted to have another item to sleep on.  [Sorry the photo does not really do justice to the fabrics]


Fiona said...

Pretty quilt ...

Ulrike said...

The Quilt is gorgeous. It´s a beautiful composition.
I also prefer the work with wool, fur and fabric. Sports only for the fitness


Susan said...

So happy you found the right fabric to finish this one - I'm sure you will love snuggling under it and remembering...

Chris H said...

I would be keeping it myself too! Stunning.