Friday, July 6, 2012


Well... since my first 'finish' of the year... I've been a busy girl!
I had a quilt top that was nagging at me... I just did not like it at all... so I de-constructed it and am using all the gorgeous heart blocks to make Baby Quilts.
I have enough heart blocks to make about 5 Baby Quilts!
Here is the Super King Sized Quilt top BEFORE I unpicked the entire thing:

ABOVE:  the colourful horizontal sashing was what bugged me about this quilt.  And it took me a couple of days to unpick the darn thing!
Here is the first of about 5 Baby Quilts I am going to make:

ABOVE:  I think it's GORGEOUS.   And as I have FOUR more Grandbabies on the way... I'm sure I will find homes for all of the Baby Quilts.
Actually... the first new grandbaby is due on SUNDAY, then the next one is due on the 19th of July! 
The other two are early next year.  What fun.


Fiona said...

well done for unpicking... your new baby quilt is very lovely and finished in perfect time... now you only have 2 weeks to get the next one done!!

Doris said...

What a great idea. Too often I leave things sitting around and this is a wonderful way to spread your hearts around!

Maria said...

Good on you to take the time to unpick the unloved quilt top and turn it into beautiful baby quilts.
It will be nice for all your new grand babies to have a lovely quilt.

quilt happy said...

beautiful quilt

Susan said...

I can imagine the frustration of unpicking all that - but certainly worth it - the finished quilt looks great and I can imagine maybe a pink version too??