Thursday, November 1, 2012

Really pushing the deadline for October

Its not often that I find the lack of daylight saving in Queensland a good thing - but at least for me it is still the 31st October and I have a very small finish.

Ever since I finished my "Stitchers Keeper" (Leanne Beasley pattern - see here) - I have been meaning to turn the extra bit of fabric with a stitched flower into a scissor holder - finally - a few hours worth of work and I can say its done.  I know it's not much but hopefully next month will be a bigger finish..

Well done to those who have finished projects for this month.  Thanks to Dawn & Wendy for keeping us on our toes.


Susan said...


Farm Gate Creations said...

That is sew....sweet

Wendyb said...

Oh Susan...a finish is a matter how small!!! It's just fab and we're happy to offer the encouragement..... now....can you send some ufo-mojo over to me!!?? LOL
sew many hugs