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Thanks Dawn and Wendy

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Raggedy Friends # 19

Last year Kaaren at The Painted Quilt gave us Raggedy & Friends as a free BOM... (it is still there on her sidebar) (Kaaren is having a major health issue so if you go by wish her well while you are there)

Two friends were having a clean out of their Country fabrics and I new that was exactly what I wanted for my quilt.  The quilt started and finished as a learning quilt.....

I have long admired redwork stitchery and started doing this BOM as a way of improving my backstitch and also learn to piece smaller blocks......and last week I practiced and practiced my Free Motion Quilting.....

Now there are loads of mistakes.... and I have learnt lots through this process..... but I love this quilt... it is soft and cuddly, warm and snuggly and it's staying at my house.....

There was enough fabric to piece the back
(I made the back in March - and stitched the date into it then)
finished with a scrappy binding using the same fabrics

I filled it with practice FMQ (4 bobbins later)

the quilt measures 142cm x 170cm (52" x 67")

my stitching did improve as I went along.... 

I think this is my favourite block.....

gotta love a rolled up quilt....

This is another tick off my UFO list ...
yay, yay, yipppee yay

I did say it was a learning process..... so some of my lessons:
  • Don't use too flimsy a fabric for doing the stitcheries on
  • Have one stitch meet exactly at the point of the previous stitch
  • Do use a stabiliser on the back (my red threads do show through)
  • A loose weave fabric does loose it's shape thus making it hard to have good points
  • You can do FMQ on a small domestic machine (I don't even have the longer shaft)
  • I still need more practice but I am getting there


Fiona@BubzRugz said...


Dawn said...

Fabulous Fiona, it looks great and its so nice to see some country again... the colors are fab...and what a great elarning process.. an acheivement... WELL DONE!
Hugs Dawn x x x

Maria said...

I love your Quilt Fiona. What a wonderful way to learn so many different things.
Finish No 19# Man you are a machine. good on you!!!!

Leeanne said...

You did a fabulous job.Love the fabric, yummy and country.You quilting looks great.Scrappy backings are a fabulous way to use up fabrics and they add a bit of wow to the back.

Wendy B said...

Way to go Fiona!!!....Lovely to see someone else's Raggedy....mine's NEARLY finished....just have some sashing to go then sandwich and quilt it! Now you've given me the inspiration!
Love yours!!!!
sew many hugs
Wendy XX :O)

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

cozy looking quilt..and it looks great

marion said...

what a great quilt it has it all, and really inspired me to tackle free motion quilting. would also like to join here as I need a friendly boot up the backside to finish SOMETHING.

Wendy B said...

Hi Marion....could you send either Dawn or myself an email at either address on the sidebar with your details please?? You're coming up as a no-reply blogger so we cannot get the information to you until you do!....sorry!
thanks and sew many hugs
Wendy :O)

Chris H said...

You have done very well on that... and learnt lots obviously.
I suck at FMQ... more practise is needed. *sigh*
Well done on the finish.