Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Witch Is In

I have made this little wall hanging three times now in the past year. This one was for a special young lady at our church who adores Halloween and spends the entire month doing something different each day. I used a candy corn border and she was so thrilled!

This is the back. Last year I made a few for family members.

I know I haven't posted in quite awhile but I have been busy making quilts for a cause I felt very close to. Of course I do pop in and check all your wonders out!


Annie said...

You must be an expert at them now.

Needled Mom said...

Very cute. Nice finish.


I love it and it was sweet for you to make it for the lady in church. thanks for stopping by my blog, I joined yours to see what you finish in the future..

Chris H said...

Did you not get bored making the same quilt three times?
I admire you for doing them though.

Melissa said...

I love it, Halloween quilts always make me smile