Monday, April 30, 2012

April finish

This month I pulled out some orphan stained glass blocks I made I cant remember when.  But after  talking to my daughter about them we think it must be more than 8 years, as she was still living at home and she had said she would like them when they were finished.  So better late than never, and she would still like them.  I decided the best thing was to make cushions, and she wants to put them on her bed.

I remember that I was trying different methods of doing the applique on these ones.  One was done with no vliesofix, one with vliesofix, and the third one I dont remember what I did differently. 
Now to choose the next UFO to work on.


Marilyn said...

Checking to see if the email follow-up comments works this time.

Susan said...

ha - I hope so - but I forgot to so it on my post.

have I said before how much I love stained glass quilts?? - I have a strelitzia that I really hope to do one day.

Fiona said...

should work.... I did comment on your personal blog but its great to see these close up... they are lovely.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Beautiful cushions! Love the stained glass, especially the iris. Great finiishes.

Chris H said...

I've done a few wall hangings using this technique.. it's lots of fun!
I love your finishes.