Sunday, April 1, 2012

March finishes!!!

We had another great month this month with 46 finishes for the month of March….. congratulations to everyone……it’s such a buzz seeing all of your work and imagining how your piles of ufo’s must be shrinking (only wish my waistline would do the same!!!! LOL)
That takes our total up to 166 finishes for the year to date…we’re going to blow last year’s finishes out of the water the way we’re going!What a fantastic effort!!!! 
In fact, if we keep on going, we’ll EASILY surpass 500 finishes for the year…now that’s an achievement to be proud of….and it’s only because of all the encouragement you girl’s give each other!
Here is a picture of the 3rd block our finishers have received …
241 (Medium)
…always a reward at the end of the rainbow, so they say, and I’m not one to argue….and you don’t even have to be Irish!
Keep on stitching girls and…
sew many hugs
xo  Wendy and Dawn :O)


Fiona said...

well done everyone and thanks for another lovely block...

Maria said...

Great effect by all..
Another lovely block, thank you.
Wendy and Dawn.

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

Thanks to you Wendy and Dawn,
the 3. Block is beautiful!
Happy to be part of this group.
Liebe Grüsse

Chris H said...

That is a very pretty block.