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Thanks Dawn and Wendy

Monday, April 30, 2012

Just making it into April

There seemed to be a shortage of time this month but I did manage to squeeze a finish in. It's another bag again - it seems that I start making bags but don't finish them. It was a hard one to photograph too - it is made with two triangle shapes which are fitted together. Then when they are sewn two pockets are formed inside as well.  I had the shapes done last year but somehow had not put them together. But now it is finished and I have a new bag. Now to start thinking about what I can finish for May.
The pattern is from a local Quilt shop - The Quilter's Corner and is called Market Bag.


Susan said...

Bags are always good if you need to finish something off quickly - and those are so handy - they hold a lot.

Fiona said...

Great finish... I bet you will use that a lot now...

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

So useful and a beautiful finish!

Chris H said...

OOO I think I've got that pattern somewhere!
Ain't made it though.
Well done on your finish.