Friday, February 11, 2011


I cant remember when I started this or which magazine it came from but I found it on my search for UFOs and decided to finish it. I found the frame at the op shop the other day and even though it is a bit small I decided to use it so that I could display my alphabet vegie stitchery in the kitchen. I can change it if I find a bigger frame in the futere.

This was also the first time I used pencils to add to the look of a project and I like it very much and will do so in the future.

Here is my next project. It is to be a quilt for one of my GDs and I will need it for November. As yet I dont know how I will do the quilting but If I can see it on the table all the time I know I will finish it. Sorry I forgot to turn the photo before posting but you can still see what I have to work with,Going now to decide what to do. Jude


BubzRugz said...

Lovely alphabet stitchery.... and the colours you are using for the next project are lovely too..

sunny said...

Love the stitchery! I'm just starting to embroider, and I can't believe how many cute ideas there are out there. Congrats on the finish.

Chris H said...

Well done on the finish...the alphabet stitchery is cute.
good luck finishing the quilt.

Lynette said...

I think your ABC is so sweet. Well done

Sue said...

Your alphabet stitchery is lovely.