Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Number 3 finish…I am numbering them now

This means I am on a roll…Well a small roll as this is number 3 finish and there are many more UFO’s to do.
I haven't added them up as I am not really brave enough to do that! Tee Hee!
Table Charm Squares Runner
This is my table runner I did from the Charm Squares BOM from the Craft Forum that had a monthly swap. We swapped blocks and then when we had all the blocks we could do what ever we wanted to do with them and I made a table runner.
I was very good and even did machine quilting on it. I have a lot of practice to do that properly yet. Maybe if I had a lovely frame and computerised machine I would do much better….Dream on!! lol
I am enjoying seeing everyones finishes very much. Well done everyone and there are a lot of lovely projects too. Oh well….its on to number 4!
hugs to all…….Vicki


RobynK said...

4! I'm still working on one, lol. That's a very nice table runner :).

Doris said...

It looks lovely Vicki, I can't even remember which one I made!!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

nice runner Vicki....lot of work in it..

Chris H said...

What a neat table runner... well done on another finish.

Sue said...

Lovely table runner, Vickie. The salami method helps....one slice at a time! :)