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Thanks Dawn and Wendy

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ooopsss.... the list!

Well it's almost a month, since I tried to find excuses for not making my list!!!! Is it done yet...well.....nope. But I have had an excuse..... and I think it sounds pretty good. Well you know how we had Cyclones threatening our beautiful coast....well..... I looked at all my sewing gear...sitting in an exposed position....then I thought about the mess I would have to make to move it all..... and Cyclone Anthony didn't look that bad .... so I left it. I kept on cleaning mind you, no slacking there. Just no list. Then "Yasi" blew in... and yep...I picked up my skirts and skipped all my lovely gear up the stairs [only 5] and plonked it all in a spare bedroom. The room is overflowing and swelling out the door, but it was SAFE. Can I find anything.... you've got to be kidding...I can't get in there!!!! But...I'm still cleaning and there is a possibility that I could finish by the end of this month....and then you watch me.....I'll burn up those sitches and complete all those UFO's in sight.... well it sounds good, doesn't it???? And just to keep me sane... I'll list 1. Pink princess....bargello So there....who said it couldn't be done!!
Insane giggling....Gloria


Michelle said...

Oh dear... sorry to hear about all the cleaning up you are having to do, at least the stash is save though, Lol!

Susan said...

I'm just pleased that you have escaped all the damage - must have been so scary to sit through all the wind and turbulence. And a thorough clean up is sometimes a good thing.

Sue said...

lol We can't have you disappearing under a pile of stash can we?

Chris H said...

I'm glad Yasi didn't blow all your UFO's and fabrics all over Queensland!
Good luck with sorting it all out!

RobynK said...

Imagine all the things you might discover to put on your list later as you clean up! Hopefully they'll all be things you haven't started yet not UFO's!