Thursday, January 17, 2013

#3 is done!

hi all....  I have another small table top wall hanging finished.  I have a pic and explanation on my blog:  I just got the Internet working again on my little acer computer and things are a bit different and things are not working very well.  so until I get "things" or kinks worked out, this is the way it is.... LOL.....  anyway, done is done, and I like it! 

thanks all.....



Maureen Clare said...

Your post looked lonely with '0' comments so I have hopped over to your blog, had a gecko at your UFO and its great. I hope I stay as motivated as you, Lorene. Thanks for commenting on my SIF post too, but like you I have computer issues and need to work on Windows Live so that I can reply. What a shame computers arent as co-operative as my UFO's. Cheers

Chris H said...

Well done on getting another UFO done and dusted.