Saturday, January 19, 2013

!st and 2nd finish

Well I have made a start on my UFO's.
This table runner has been waiting to be finished for around 18 months.  The blocks were made I just needed to sew it together, quilt and bind it.  I kept the quilting simple and it only took me around 2 2/3 hours to complete.
3 hand towels that just needed a little finishing.  The pink one only needed the button hole sewn and the button sewn on. The brown tops were sewn and the towels were gathered/pleated they just needed to be sewn together.
This is just the start of the 8 hand towels I have planned, most are just cut out but a few tops have been sewn together but not attached to the towels.
Right now I am working on the arm chair covers that have been in the making for about 5 years, which is ridiculous as all I had to do was sew a backing on the already cut fabric form when we had the lounges covered.  I also have a wall hanging sandwiched together that I hope to quilt in the next week or so. 


Marilyn said...

That is a great start to the year. Well done.

Susan said...

Such progress!

Fiona said...

Great start.... I think getting the things that just need a little bit done is a great idea....