Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Stash of UFO's

Happy New Year to all of you... I do hope 2013 is amazing for you

Thanks to Dawn and Wendy for keeping this blog activity going this year... and thanks to all the participants last year for their encouragement... it was great to get over half of my 30 UFO's that I listed last year completed....

I have been doing a big tidy in my sewing cupboard and packaging and boxing up my UFO's... so now I present my Stash of UFO's... the link is to my page on my blog.... I really didn't want to put pictures of all 32 of them for you here!!!!

These UFO blighters are breeding in the cupboard!!!

(There are in fact more than 32 as some things I have pictures for actually are several items)

Righto, Gotto Go.... I'd better get started


Fiona said...


Marilyn said...

Thats a good list Fiona. Think we will be very busy this year.

Tracee said...

Wow that is quite a stash, good luck with it all. My stash just keeps growing and growing the more I look.