Sunday, January 13, 2013

My UFO List for 2013

Happy New Year Everyone

Thanks for letting me join in again this year even though my performance last year was questionable!  As it stands my UFO list is longer now than it was last year!  Here is the link to my UFO LIST.  It is the first time I have linked in another post so hopefully it has worked.



Fiona said...

Hi Lavinia.. it will be fun sewing this year.... and just to let you know the link worked fine... great list to get through..

Susan said...

Welcome Lavinia - yes, you do have quite a list - but its a good starting point - which one will be first??

Marilyn said...

Yes, link is fine. Good luck with your list for this year. Some gorgeous fabrics and blocks there, so there will be some lovely finishes.

Chris H said...

Yikes... I don't even have a 'list', just boxes and boxes! Good luck getting some of your UFO's done.