Thursday, January 31, 2013

More UFO's completed #8 and 9

 Hi everyone!  finished 2 more UFOs!!!  on a roll and I am feeling good!  LOL....

OK first UFO.  This is a wallet that I teach a my local quilt shop.  I have had this cut out since summer time I think.  that and 4 others.  The class was small this time so I thought I would sew along with the girls.  so we all got our wallets finished.  yeah!  


outside and folded
 I love this wallet.  it has 15 slots for credit cards.  1 special place for your drivers license.  and 5 large pockets, which one of them is a zippered pocket.  and it's the perfect size! 

Next is a wedding quilt for my brother and soon to be bride.  Barbie found the idea on Pinterest.  it's a label quilt.  I tracked it and tracked the idea back to green fairy blog.  I sewed 6 panels together.  added 3 borders.  she wanted it king size!  This was started back in October.  

whole quilt
close up of quilting
 I didn't want any quilting on the label. I had my friend Monica quilt it for me.  she did a fantastic job!  around each label, she quilted a frame.  it's perfect.  Barbie and Ronny love it.  the wedding is coming up fast! 

Hmmmmmm, what should I work on next? 



Susan said...

Wow - what a collection of labels - clever idea.

Marilyn said...

The quilt looks amazing.

Fiona said...

lovely finishes...

Tracee said...

Wow! I'm sure that the lovely couple are going to love it.