Thursday, January 17, 2013

I've Made My Lists!

Well I have followed the advice of fellow-SIFers, and made two lists... One list of 6 (yes only 6!) UFOs, and 40 KARTS. All the items are now grouped together with their lists dutifully taped to the front.
And of course there are the Works-In-Progress, don't we love categorising things?!?!
Being that I am mainly a 'small projects' person, the KARTS are things like aprons, table runners, embroideries, bags & such like... so really, I have no excuse for not getting a good number of these crossed off their lists during 2013!
Whilst I am having a slow start to the year, I have made a great start by getting my Sewing Space much better organised and clutter-free, all the better for happy sewing.


Melody said...

Well done, seems like you are really organised now

Maria said...

You are doing really well Anthea. Great start to 2013..

Marilyn said...

Well done on getting your room organised and good luck with getting those items crossed off the lists.

Wendy B said...

good on you Anthea!!! I like that idea of printing the lists out and taping them up....I'm snatching that one!!! Thank you! LOL Those KARTS will get you through the UFO's...they'll keep you going! I hope to get my list of KARTs down too this year...we'll need to prod each other along!
xox sew many hugs
wendy :O)

Fiona said...

Yay... now you can start ticking them off...