Sunday, January 27, 2013

‘Seasons Of ’ BOM and a new BOM for 2013

Hi girls,

remember we told you that we had some surprises in store this year??

Well, if you missed out on some of the blocks from our ‘Seasons Of” BOM, you have another way of getting them!

Dawn and I will be releasing the blocks on our blogs each month, under the guise of…..

seasons of BOM button

Being Australia Day yesterday, we thought we’d release the first block (the summer one, at the beach),  and seeing as it was one I designed, it will be on my block HERE

006 (Medium)007 (Medium)

Next month it will be Dawn’s block, so you’ll find it on her blog and we’ll be releasing each block on the 10TH OF EACH MONTH…..don’t worry if you don’t remember…we’ll remind you!

So grab the button, add it to your sidebar  to remind you…and to let others know, and stitch along…we can’t wait to see your finished versions.

Mine’s still at flimsy stage…..well, I’ve sandwiched it and it’s ready for quilting but that’s where it sits at the moment, but I can show you what it will ‘sort of’ look like finished!

009 (Medium)010 (Medium)011 (Medium)

That will give some of you girls a UFO to go on with, especially those of you who only have a ‘couple’ of UFOs and don’t know how you’ll keep going all year!!!! (giggling under my breath!!) After all, this is a BOM from LAST year, so I think it should qualify, don’t you???


Now, our BOM for 2013 will follow the same routine as ‘Seasons Of..” did last year.

So, housekeeping first……

to get a block, you must have finished at least one of your UFO’s for the month and posted about it on our blog by the last day of the month.

after the count of finishes has been tallied for  month, Dawn and I will send you a copy of the block of the month for that month.  A new month, a new block, so we continue all year around.  If you miss a month of UFOing, you miss that month’s block….so it’s a good idea to plan your finishes so you can get each month’s blocks.   In December, you will receive the finishing instructions with the last block.

Now, I guess you want some more info as to what it is you’ll be getting????

Well……..this year our BOM is a pieced and stitchery only BOM (no applique) called “A Year Full of Blooms”…..each month will be a stitchery block of the birth flower of the month….now I know, after much research, that birth flowers vary from country to country so I’ve gone with the consensus.

Here’s a sneaky peek….

021 (Medium)

I’ve used Little Black Dress, by Moda for my fabric…just love it!  I hope you enjoy it too!

Sew….go forth and sew many hugs, let’s reach for the stars in 2013!


Wendy :O)


Outback Crafter - Debra said...

YEAH. I am excited. Today's mission. Post my list and my first finishes.

Marilyn said...

The sneaky peek looks gorgeous, Wendy. Got to keep finishing these UFOs.

Susie said...

sounds like a plan and loads of fun!! My UFO's are huge I'm not sure how I will get them done!!! lol

Fiona said...

oh your new one looks just lovely.... I know I won't be able to resist so I will work hard to get them!!

Yoong Sin said...

love ur work so much!!
i still using the handmade blanket from my granny, ur works remind me of her :)

Wendy B said...

oh Yoong Sin, thank you so much...that warms my heart!!!! <3<3

Narelle said...

Wonderful news Wendy...I'll be looking forward to the 10th of each month as I would love to get the full set...I think I have 6 done from last year.
Will add the button on my blog once we get our power back :( I have to save the laptop battery.