Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hi girls……

just to let you know, for those of you that had a finish last month and received your free block pattern, there was a slight error in it.  Poor Miss Dawn was tearing her hair out running around hell- west and crooked trying to organise herself for her quilty trip/retreat  to Tassie and, after sending the pattern to you all, we discovered the sizing of the designs on the pattern sheets was wrong.    Nobody has emailed yet so I’m guessing no one has tried doing it yet  (which is a good thing….get onto those ufos !!! LOL)

If you did receive your free pattern, just email me and I will forward you the correct pattern sheet for you to add to the design.

Now I know a few of you are panicking that you are not able to finish your ufo’s in time each month….. and with 56 of us not finishing any of our ufo’s yet this year…..

I thought a couple of organisational hints might help…….

I love Cath’s idea of allocating 12 months to do 12 finishes at most….anything else is a bonus!   So……don’t expect to get ALL of your ufo’s done in one year….. as my boss used to say,

“You can’t eat an elephant in one bite!”

elephant sneaking

I like to break this idea down even further……. I created a sort of year overview planner  on an A3 sheet and jotted in things in each month that would take my time like birthdays, weddings, births,  (where I'd have to make things) or times I'm away (perhaps on holiday), and then fitted in ufo's to suit the space I had available......helped sort things out in my head a little better when I'd juggled it around on paper a bit first.    It’s not foolproof as there’s always things that crop up unexpectedly (like sickness and flu), but with a disorganised brain like mine, it helps!

If you think this idea might work for you, you can download a copy of my yearly overview planner here….

My boss also told me……

“if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”!!!!

There’s still 24 days to go in March…..what will be your finished UFO this month???

Sew many hugs

Wendy :O) xo


Maria said...

OK thanks for that info Wendy. I was at retreat when pattern arrived.Will e-mail you for the amended one.

Karen 'n Chris said...

I did my organizing at the beginning of the year and started with the small stuff I knew I would be able to finish that month and then added the projects that will take a lot longer. These slower projects I am working on along side of the quick finish ones so that I have finishes for later in the year. So far it has worked out well. Fingers crossed for the rest of the year.

Susan said...

Whata great encouragement this is! Thanks Wendy & Down

Narelle said...

Um? I've almost finished the second stitchery without a problem. Maybe I moved the pattern a little when tracing to fit it on and didn't realize?

Thanks for sharing your yearly planner Wendy ... I'm having a planning day :)