Saturday, May 31, 2014


I have not been on here in months.
I've been really busy with family/life in general.
Keeping up with my own personal blog has taken priority over this one.
I hope to come back and do some reading if nothing else soon.

Until then, I want to share a funny thing I just read on a friend's blog :


To Create a Stash ...
by Carol Coski,
 The Quilted Feather

1. Buy fabrics that you like
2. Buy enough to do anything you might potentially think you want to do with it
3. Buy a little more because you know by the time you use it, what you have won't be enough and you will need more
4. Buy patterns and colors you know your family will simply love
5. Always buy extra
6. Did I mention to buy more than you think you will need?
7. Sit down every so often with your fabric, and assess what colors/patterns/designs you need to compliment and contrast what you already have
8. Buy the contrasting fabrics
9. Buy the coordinating fabrics
10. Buy extra of all of them, because when you sit down to piece you still won't have enough
11. Always buy enough backing fabric to back a California-king-all-the-way-to-the-floor bed quilt
12. Add a little more to that backing estimate
13. Use backing fabrics that can be integrated into other quilt tops
14. Buy a little more to make sure you will have useable pieces
15. If you see a design you think you might like in the future, buy it now before it disappears forever
16. Buy a little more just to be sure you have enough for what you haven't decided to make yet (I think this one is my favorite! Just sums up the whole thing!)17. Repeat above steps until there is no room left in the house for the inhabitants
18. Buy another house and repeat above

I think it's hilarious.  

Have a wonderful Day Girls.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Number 2 for 2014

Here is a second finish from me. This started as a NewFO last month so it was a quick finish but nevertheless......a finish is a finish
To read more about this project, you can click HERE.  I would love you to come over for a visit.