Friday, April 29, 2011

Christmas Hexies........ #16 done....

These were started to be ready for last Christmas!! 

Little stitcheries surrounded by Christmassy fabric....

and a couple of multicoloured tea-time ones for fun....

Some of these will be decorations - others will be coasters....

It feels so good to have another UFO completed... thanks Dawn and Wendy for the prompting.....

I keep my different projects in bags or boxes
..... nice when they are empty again...
(for the next UFO to fill!!)


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finish #5

I finally finished my "It's Owl About Me" quilt. This has been sitting around for a while, but it was finally quilted and I got the binding on, prepared the pattern and it is now hanging in my local quilt shop, with my patterns for sale. I hope everyone likes it!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hidden Surprise Bag - UFO #15

This little bag is 6" square....

and opens out to this tote

the pocket is reversed in opening out......
(this should have been the outside of the little bag!)

The pattern is from a Handmade magazine and was designed by Ann Dimmer

I'm pleased to have another UFO out the cupboard....
but it a strange thing.... as one leaves another seems to take it's place

G'day and Hugz

Friday, April 15, 2011

finish no.6

I made this Amy Butler bag called blossom. Together with some ladies of a quiltingforum we did a SAL. And finally we finished it. Yippie. It was so much fun sewing this bag, I made it a little bit smaller than the original. It's a freebie and we found it on the Net. I'm not going to post the link, because we have to finish before we can start something new.

Groetjes Mai

Six Coat Hanger Rule

My name is Leanne but most people call me Lucky. I have been asked by Dawn and Wendy to let you know about my coat hanger rule. Thanks so much Wendy & Dawn for this opportunity to let people in on my secret, keeping UFOs to a minimum.
I’ve only been sewing since December 08 and I can understand how easy it is to have those UFOs multiplying .Starting quilting late in life I was thrilled to be able to turn my daughter’s bedroom into a sewing room the day she moved out. .
I quickly learnt there are so many beautiful quilts, table toppers, cushions and bags tempting me every day. I could so easily have more UFOs than I care to mention. I didn’t want to find myself in a situation where I was hiding half finished things.
As I use the walls to hang my rulers and decorate my walls with gifts from swaps I thought why not my own WIP and the 6 coat hanger idea was born.

How does this rule work?
The coat hangers each hold one project I can work on and my limit is 6. I can’t start a new project until a coat hanger is empty. Also the items are often the first thing I see when I walk into my sewing room.
Having 6 items to pick from helps to keep me motivated as I may want to work more so on a particular project more so than one of the others. In doing this, the items that hang longer aren’t forgotten and after a while I look and I feel like working on this one today.
I don’t include swaps or BOMs as there is always a time limit and I have no problem in completing those one.
Once a BOM is finished I then hang it all in a sealed bag on the wall and then its ready to be completed, before I can start something new. Like last years BOM I did with some lovely ladies that Dawn designed for our “Our Craft Forum”. Once there was a space on the wall, up the BOM went. No time at all it was turned into a table runner, instead of sitting in a cupboard.

So there you have it, my 6 coat hanger rule and it’s worked for 2 years in my sewing room. I love the idea of not having the UFOs hidden from sight. Seeing my WIP on display is as rewarding as having it finished and moving onto something new.

Finally #8 is Finished

This quilt has taken me awhile to hand quilt.....along with my spring cleaning; I guess. But here it is, and I love it...hope you all like it too.  It measures 88"x98"...The Virginia Star is the pattern. The first time I made this pattern was a custom order..and boy did I hate all of those 45degree  Now it goes for sale on my website...My list is tapering off now; and will be busy working outside before too long...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

I've finally got everything to work for the Friday night sew in.  I'm looking forward to having an excuse to being with my sewing machine all Friday night.

Susans Sewing Space - another Finish

I have finished my second blue & cream quilt - started last August - in time for my high school friend's "0" birthday in April.  I couldn't be in Sydney to see her open it - but she loves it and hopefully will enjoy snuggling under it as it gets cooler.
My bestest sewing mate gave me a beautifully stitched label to add to the back:

Here is a close up of some of the 'starter' fabric - its a border print but it would have been too wide to use as a border on that sized quilt so I cut it into 6" squares and made coordinating 4 patch and 9 patch squares.


Nice to get one more off the list

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Double UFO.

In Sept last year Elaine had a giveaway. It was a UFO she had not finished and I was lucky enough to win it. LOL.  This is the UFO that Elaine posted all the way from Canton Texas to Western Australia.

Where they sat in this box in my sewing room. 

Until this week when I finally put them together.

Must say I am very happy with how the blocks come together . I am sure someone will love it.
This is not the end of the blocks travel as I plan to send the quilt to NZ for the folk of Christchurch who need help after the Earthquake.

Little baby blankets

Little finish No.3
Here are the last of the little baby blankets that I had laying around.
Great size for pram or shopping cart.

Now I can give them away (blue one only) when I meet
a new little cousin on Friday.
Hugz Sandra

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I love this quilt............ (finish #14)

April 2010 I started with this ..............
I had done quite a bit of it but have been stalling with the quilting and binding

thanks to the prompting of Sew It's Finished
I now have this...........

Lots of applique in the centre and the outside border
34 roses and lots of leaves

hand stitching of leaves and vines

pretty backing

difficult to show the quilting
~ in the ditch around the roses ~
~ a vine of leaves round the larger blue border ~
~ large roses quilted over the squares ~

size to top a double bed

I love it
It's going to my eldest daughter
her first quilt
from her mum

It's a surprise for her so I can't show it on my blog
Lucky I can show it here

Monday, April 4, 2011

No 4 finished

Yay, I finally finished a UFO I started, mmm, maybe 3 years ago? It is a Christmas advent calendar wallhanging. So each day from the 1st of December, one of the little ornaments is hung onto Santa's tree, then when the tree is full .... it's Christmas!!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Finally I am also able to show you a project. A WISP which I did finish this week. You are mosty welcome to visit my blog to read more about this little quilt.