Friday, August 31, 2012

Something different...

... and I'm not sure yet if I will try that one again lol
About a year or two ago my big boy was really interested in knitting. My mum has always knitted and at about 4ys old I must have bugged my mum until she taught me. I had been knitting heaps until after the birth of son no. 1 twelve years ago, so when he wanted to learn I was very pleased:)
As with many growing kids that interest waned before he could complete the three cat shaped pyjama cases so I finally gave it a go! Under strict instructions to what colours I had to use to resemble middle DS' cat Tigger this is the final result. Two more to go, but I think these will be made from fabric instead ;-)

August Finish

This is really an easy peasy finish for me this almost feels like cheating, but it's a finish!! I made it last October and had it quilted in November....then I stuck it away in the cupboard. Beats me why I didn't finish it then....maybe overwhelmed with holiday stuff! Nice to check another project off the list. Thanks Dawn and Wendy for this great group.

A Little Finish

While cleaning out a plastic tub that was under my cutting table I found this little chook mini…


that only needed the binding put on and a small sleeve on the back.. My No 11 UFO finished just in time for August..

Finish 12, 13, and 14

It's been awhile since I posted but I should have a few quilts finished soon, two are at the quilters.  The first finished project is a Christmas mug rug and I had all the pieces and binding made about 2 years ago but never put everything together.

The next two finishes are for a wool Welcome Mat.  Each month there is a different center.  These are from about two years ago and all I had left was putting them together and blanket stitching around.  I have 2 or 3 more months to go... Next one I finish I'll place on the Welcome Mat so you can see what the circles are for. 

 It's the 30th, so I made it in time for an August finish - Yeah!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Finish

I think I could get used to this - finishing things BEFORE their corresponding holiday...
... a Halloween table runner finished before Halloween!

Back in the mid-late 90's, I participated in a bunch of charm and block swaps through an internet quilting list. While trying to decide what to conquer next, some Halloween 9-patches and charms from those exchanges caught my eye. I had been wanting to make a disappearing 9-patch for some time, so decided the time was right. I thought I might even get it done early since the sun (and my boys) are going to bed earlier these days. Then strep throat ran through the family and my gal bladder and I decided to part ways, leaving me less than a week for my 'early' project. Fortunately, my partner-in-crime was willing to set my sewing machine up for me several nights in a row, and I'm here to cheer the end of another month!

This project didn't make much of a dent in my block/charm stash, but it made 3 little boys more excited about the end of summer. It also broke up a stressful morning. Two of the three went to their first day of kindergarten today, which they've been worrying about for several weeks. I finished the runner last night, so left it on the table to surprise them for breakfast this morning. It was a great diversion - giving them something other than school to talk and think about. I love when timing works out so well!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A finish is a finish


Over some years I accumulated quite a heap of leftover pieces of flannel from different projects. They were mounting up so I started joining them together. Most were small, thin strips, but just right for a scrappy quilt. Last year I bought the backing piece and over the winter months I have continued working on it. Now the quilting has been finished and it can be put to use - though of course we are in the final week of winter so it may not see much use until next winter.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Heirloom Finish

I have a finish! Well I actually finished it more than a month ago but forgot to post it. 

 The back....

I used Joel Dewberry's Heirloom in citrine for this project. I actually won this fabric when  first started blogging from Hopeful Threads! The pattern is In A Flash and can be purchased here. I loved the pattern and it went together quickly. The only downfall to it is you can not sell anything made with this pattern. Honestly if I would have seen that before I purchased it I would not have. But... It is a beautiful quilt and pattern!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dianes Quilt

I would like to thank everyone who sent me blocks to get this quilt finished in a timely manner. I had asked the gals of Stash bee as well as Heal @ Do Good Stitches and they were more than willing to help.

My coworker Diane was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has started the treatment course for this and is in good spirits. This quilt made her day! She recently started losing her hair and this was just the thing to keep her positive attitude going. I included the addresses of all the ladies who sent blocks along with any well wishes they sent. I know Diane will be sending everyone thank you cards because that's just the type of person she is :)

I quilted it using straight lines. I got the idea from this table runner

Thanks to everyone who helped brighten Diane's day!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh soooooo sorry!!!!

Hi girls,
I'm sneaking sheepishly onto the blog as I've been missing for quite a while now, and failed to update last month's finishes or post out the next block to our finishers for July......
all I can say is the biggest S-O-R-R-Y  I can muster!!!

Hubby sent me on a trip to the Gold Coast......sounds wonderful doesn't it???....but it was a super fast visit to pick up a second hand ute my brother was selling and then driving it back the 1600kms, all in 2 days.....which extended out to 3!  (well, I did have to spend half a day with my brother and sister in law.....and I reeeeally didn't want to leave!!!!)

Anyways, to cut a long story short, I picked up an awful virus on the drive home and I've been laid up for weeks feeling like doing nothing, not stitching, not blogging, not even going near my computer....which is SO unlike me!!!  With chills and fevers, many hours spent sleeping, the second lot of antibiotics has finally kicked in and I'm feeling much better.....only a little cough now and I've been able to attack the long list of 'to-do's ' that has been growing since I fell ill.....

So......firstly, my humblest and sincerest apologies, but I hope those 23 ladies.....(well, 22 really......I managed a finish early on in the month, which was a bit of a surprise!!!)   ......enjoy stitching the next block, which I designed especially to celebrate a special July day in the southern hemisphere.......National Tree Day which is known as Arbor Day up in the northern parts!

Congratulations on some fabulous finishes for July......we're almost at 300 which far surpassed what we ever imagined........5 months to go......I wonder how far we can get to??????  Anyone want to guess????

Well, we're halfway through the month already, so I hope you're on track for your finishes for August???  I see many of you have already made a dent on your pile this month.....FAAAAAAN-TASTIC!
Keep on keeping on and if you were a July finisher, watch your inbox for your free design!

Sew many hugs

Wendy :O)


Monday, August 13, 2012

Early August Finish

I've been on a Sewing Retreat (in fact I am still here though it's going home time tomorrow) so I have finished my August project early.  This was not on any UFO list - I had totally forgotten I had this.  I think I cut the letters out in 2004 and found it a couple of weeks ago as I  went through a box of "stuff".  So I brought it along and finished it off.  Very quick and easy.

I also made a lot of progress on my September UFO but you will have to wait to see that one.

I'm back, with 2 August finishes

Hi everyone

Even with lots of time devoted to enjoying  the Olympic Games and admiring the efforts of all the athletes, I have managed to complete 2 items so far this month.  The first is my third oven mitt [of the 3 started in 2010, and mentioned in earlier posts], and this only needed hand-stitching  of the binding this month, as I'd finished all the sewing at the end of last month -

My second,  much more significant achievement to me, is the lovely "Geisha girl" panel called 'Tea ceremony'.  I bought it 2 (or 3?) years ago at the Adelaide Craft Show, and enthusiastically thought it would be quite straightforward to applique fabrics on to the printed design.  By the time I'd pinned some fabrics from my stash in place, fear of machine applique took over, and it wasn't until April this year, when some friends encouraged me, that I decided to try again.  All the fabrics are from my stash, apart from one new purchase, for the obi sash, but it still hasn't made a dent in the stash, of course.   I have made some slight modifications to the original design, given the machine applique my best shot  and am really pleased with the finished effect - she will have a special place on one of our bedroom walls.


Now to decide on my next item from the never-ending deep hole of unfinished projects -it's like opening presents each time I look in the cupboard, as there's such a choice of  lovely items to complete!
Happy stitching ladies

Sunday, August 12, 2012

# 14 Little Birdies quilt....

Last year I made up the blocks for this very cute quilt designed by Little Miss Shabby ...

and it has been waiting a while to be finished off

 I used a charm pack of Rural Jardin and had a piece for the border and binding... I bought the red sashing separately .....

Stitcheries were done using 6 threads.... quite hard on the fingers but I did like the effect...

I didn't want to quilt over the stitcheries so I let my feathers flow over onto the unstitched areas of the blocks and the border ...

the cream thread softened the very bold red I had used for the sashing....

I haven't quilted such a large amount of feathers before.... I rather like it....

Another UFO finished .... yay

Just in case you would like to see the blocks in more detail they are HERE 

and thanks to Dawn and Wendy for their lovely motivational idea of this blog (and the little blocks we get to sew too!!) and thanks to all of you for the encouragement - I love seeing what people make

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Country Hearts Quilt

I made this quilt top as a Row of the Month in 2006.  Then put it away until this year - finally got it quilted and bound.  It's a Patchwork Pumpkin design and was great to make.  Love the Country Colours.

Here it is:

I think this one proves that you can always get them finished!!  Sometimes they do take awhile.



Friday, August 3, 2012

Dear Jane Quilt Finished

When I joined up for this blog my biggest project was this Dear Jane

It is finally finished and proudly displayed on my Son and Daughter in Laws bed.
Along with a few extra blocks put together for their brand new baby daughter.

What a finish!!

Might have to make a new list now. I have plenty of UFOs of WIP

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a late July finish

A late entry for July - we headed on vacation over the weekend to a hotel that was supposed to have free internet access - no such luck! So my post had to wait until I could find internet access. This Santa is my last partially finished Santa.
I had the Santa completed on a large piece of the green background fabric and then lost inspiration on how to finish it.  I decided to try making a bag that can be hung as a decoration or used as a gift bag. I like how it turned out and just hope I can leave it in the 'to gift' box!