Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scraping in on the last day

Well I have a few hours up my sleeve but here is my March finish.  It was part of the Gift of the Month from Faeries in my Garden and was all cut out ready to be sewn  , , and then put away.  But its all done & dusted now.

I was very adventurous and FMQuilted around the pattern, though you can't see that in the picture.

OK - now which one for April???

Bad Habit

to get into.  This finishing things in the last hours of the last day.  But then I was off colour for a couple of weeks this month and am still not 100% so the fact that this is finished at all, I am happy with that.

Flirting with Flowers (my mini version), by Vicki Tucek of Pickledish Patch, started in 2010 finished an hour ago.
Photos are a bit dodgy, PSM isnt here to take them for me and I wanted this up asap.

Although the back looks beige it is actually white with tiny pink/magenta flowers in a paisley.  The quilting on the back is also a bit off (like me - lol) but for now I will live with it.
I like this but I think I will make it again the way Vicki designed it.  I am off to lie down again and get some sleep.
Have fun doing what ever you are doing.

March finish

It's been a busy month with everything but sewing. But I did finish this mesh bag. I started it way before summer last year as a bag to take to the beach. It has been sitting on my cutting table being moved around out of the way and I thought I really should finish it. We are finally going to the beach in a week or two, even though it isn't summer any more. My next months finish has also been sitting on the cutting table,waiting to be finished. Who knows I might even get a clear table yet?

Unexpected March Finish

I had planned to get my Quadruple Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt (QD9) finished for this month - but last night I realised I was short on fabric for the border. Damn, I sort of knew all along, because when I added it up I had forgotten to count the top binding strips twice  because it's folded over (I use the method from Mari on The Quilting Edge). Well, with the Easter Holidays coming up maybe it becomes an early April finish?

I didn't want to miss out on Wendy and Dawn's blocks, so I had to finish one of my UFOs! (I don't know if I can make them last all this year, they are nicely moving out of my pile and getting finished!!!)

Feeling dizzy :-)? This was made by request of oldest DS who enjoys reading Horrible History, Horrible Science and Murderous Maths books where this was shown. Originally he wanted it as a placemat, but it turned out a bit too big for that.
It actually is very simple, because all these strips are of the same width, but the placement of the black and white squares creates this optical illusion when viewed from a distance. I don't know if you get the same illusion without the grey stitching around all the squares - we struggled to see it, but only later realised that you need to stand further away. Yellow machine binding around the outside and voila, my March finish!
Just to prove that all lines are (more or less) straight!
Probably not my tidiest work (that machine binding bugs me...) but I enjoy the resulting optical illusion effect. His Highness = oldest DS happy and wants to use it as Chess Board with a twist ;-)
Finish #7!


This cutie (minus the antique teddy bear!) is winging its way to Yokosuka, Japan to live at the home of My Little Sailor's supervisor.  It's made from "Outfoxed:" by Lizzy House (I scored one of her scrap packs, woot woot), and the pattern is "Sparkling Cider" from all washed up.  My friend, Deb Buckingham of The Artful Yarn (recently featured on KnitPicks' newsletter!) made three matching baby washcloths. 

It's kind of big for a baby quilt, but I couldn't resist using every fabric in the line -- and babies grow, don't they?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Squeaking In Under The Wire!

These were started three or four years ago....tucked away for some reason!! I am so happy to say these are finshes six, seven and eight!!! They may not be big, but they are done, and that feels very good!

Yah Another finish

Hello All, I have finished #3 off my list.
This month I completed
Finished table runner - SIF Two for One Lilac Hill Project. Yah.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pillows, pennants, pouf...and a valance...

Yay!!! I love seeing all the beautiful and completed work of everyone's here! And I am happy to be able to post some completed projects...

You can read more about them on my recent post *Spring break, Sewing, and Surprises...*

The two pillows each have a handle for our little grandbaby *Bunny* to hold on and carry around with....when she is big enough to.

 This is the sweet nursery that our daughter and son in law created for her.

and here is our little grandbaby, who I will call *Bunny* on my posts :o)

(I've been in and out of town and will still be heading in and out of town, but I will be sure to visit when I can!) Blessings & Aloha!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My finish for this month is nothing major, but a finish just the same.  Last year at sewing club we made a "hold all" to hang near our ironing area or attach to our ironing board to hold all those things needed as we press our sewing articles - things like spray starch, scissors for trimming threads, and any other bits and pieces.  I had almost finished mine - just had to finish the binding and put on the gold fasteners to hold the top of the plastic pockets.  Each time I thought of finishing it I put it aside again as it meant a walk out to the shed to find a hammer (yes, so difficult !!!!) 
Now, with taking that short walk, and spending about 30 minutes, it is finished and hanging ready to be loaded up.

March Finish

Thanks to a last-minute roadtrip for a basketball tournament, I now have my fourth finish!

I started this wallhanging to hang in my sewing room, way back when I had a sewing room! I picked it up again last spring thinking it was a good summer project that I could complete while on Doodle-duty in the yard or at the playground. I more-than-slightly under estimated the time required to hand quilt it! Now I'm VERY happy to call it done and just need to figure out what to do with it! I also have to note how much the eyes of my quilting needles have shrunk since I started quilting this 7+ years ago! I thought I just had to worry about material shrinkage - guess I need to store my needles better now too! (I'm SURE that's the problem!)  ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3rd Finish

This little project has been on the go about seven years. Why? I don't know. I started it to try out a technique and moved onto the actual project. Silly thing is I was left with a little project that didn"t need much doing to it and yet it has just sat. The strips used in this where leftovers from another project.

It is now my cookie barrel mat. I really need to tackle some of my bigger ones..........

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Very First UFO!!

Yay!! My very first UFO listed here on Sew It's Finished!! I have finally finished this little Ladybug Quilt that I bought as a kit from the USA ages ago to make for my darling little granddaughter.  Well, I have finally finished in time to give it to her for her 2nd Birthday, last Sunday.  The 1st photo is of the quilt almost finished, and then the 2nd photo is when little granddaughter opened up the parcel, and she laid down on the quilt straight away, actually she laid her head down on it too, but I didn't catch a photo of that - but she loved it!  I had been up until 1am the night before finishing off the binding (the hand sewing bit), and now have a couple of holes in the top of my middle finger... *ouch* .... all worth it thought for the reaction my granddaughter had when she saw it.  We gave her a dolly, and other presents too, but it was so nice that even at only 2 she loved her little quilt :0) - makes all the hard work worth it, doesn't it?  Hopefully I will have even more finished items to add this year too.  Hugs to all from Suzie Q

The little petals on the flowers stand up, so they can be touched in a 3D effect
Here she is touching the little flowers and looking at the Ladybugs - oh so cute!

I admit...

-this months finish is an easy one *smile*
 I sew this wallet last year, but the cover flap 
didn´t look good. 
I ripped it of and trow the wallet in the drawer.
Now it finshed, I´m satisfied and I can
look forward to recive a new stitchery pattern ☺
Her you see my first two blocks, and this is the 
charm pack I thoose for the border.
Happy to be part of this blog,
liebe Grüße

Finished Project for March

I just finished another UFO project, yeah. This table runner was made with a Moda Turnover that I've had for a long time with the fabric Civil War Homefront. Feels good to get another UFO project done. I'm saving this for a Christmas gift.

Come visit my blog sometime: Carol from Carol's Crafty Creations.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Milla's Quilt - 4th finish

My little cousin Milla was born in september. Her gender was unknown through the pregnancy so when she was born I picked her quilt. I think it was mid october by the time I started and I finished it at the end of Feb.... I'm glad that this is off my UFO list

Isn't Milla beautiful
Cheers for now Geniene

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Three Little Elves…..

A few years ago I bought this pattern at the Craft Fair in Perth.
021Made a great start on it and then it was put away but

Christmas Elves
I am pleased to say I have now finished it. Sew this is Finish No 6.  Love these Elves…..



Monday, March 19, 2012

Back again - a 2nd for March

Here I am again with another finish for March.  I have been more productive than usual over the last couple of weeks and today when I was auditioning fabrics for yet another project, I found 3 UFO's that I had completely forgotten even existed.  This is one of them.

It is a sewing machine cover I made at least 2 years ago as a group project when I was still with the Kelly Girl Quilters. I used pre-quilted fabric for the background and appliqued a design onto it.  I think the pattern came from a Homespun Magazine. It was mostly finished except for the lining which needed to be secured.  I don't know why I didn't just bite the bullet and finish it way back when instead of loading it with pins for a later date, but it is finished now and a nice addition to the Creation Station!

A close up of the applique
It even fits "The Beast", although a little bit of a tight fit so maybe I will have to make another one sometime!
I think The Beast (aka Horizon) needs its own!

click here for Bits 'n Bobs

Saturday, March 17, 2012

UFO 6 & 7 are very cute......

These are a couple of cuties that I had traced out last year...

Little stuffies designed by Melly and Me

I think they are really cute... they are small (7" tall) so little hands can hold them..... and they are washable so it doesn't matter how much drool gets on them....

Some gifts in the box and another UFO out the cupboard ....


Friday, March 16, 2012

Just Darling

I bought this pattern last year, it is Just Darling- Bucket Bag & Needle Carry Case Collection by Cinderberry Stitches. I planned to make three sets for gifts. I started well getting the stitching done for a couple. Then the same old problem something new came along and they got put to one side. Well I am happy to say all three sets have been finished and one is already in the hands of its new owner. Number two is wrapped ready to go and the last will go later this year as a birthday gift. YEAH one ( or maybe that should be three) more UFOs finished :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spooktacular Quilt finish

I received these blocks from a swap back in 2009. I put it together in October of 2009 and that was as far as I got.  This was before I knew how to sew sashing on evenly. I also didn't measure each block trusting that each swapper made their blocks 12.5". I know better now of course. No matter, it's for my bed and I love it!

I pieced the backing. I bought the green bats back in 2009 specifically for this quilt. I meandered quilted it with bright green thread and used a fun orange binding that I had left from some other projects. Of course it wasn't long enough so I added some dark blue left over binding to make it long enough. It's been on my bed for a couple days now and I am very happy with it. This is the first handmade quilt I have ever used. All my quilts have either been sold or given away. Finally one for me. So much different than those store bought ones.

This is my 4th finish.  Robin @  RsIslandCrafts .

Friday, March 9, 2012

Seasons Of ~ Block 2

This afternoon I found time to put the finishing stitches in "Seasons Of" - block 2 designed by Dawn.

Thankyou Dawn and Wendy for these pretty designs and the motivation to have a finish. I know what I would like to finish for March ... just have to find it :)

Finish #3

Well here we are again!! I finally finished my Summer Sampler from 2011. It was a QAL on here in blog land. A first of many techniques for me; I must say...first QAL...first time paper piecing....had a blast!

and a close

Shoot....forgot pic of the back.  Oh well; maybe I'll take one later...and you can see it on my other blog on WIP Wed,.  how's that??

Now I am down to 3 UFOs....great feeling.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Butterscotch and roses

My Dear mother in law Elaine turns 70 on St Patricks day so I have made a special quilt for her.  Its  sampler quilt made with a jelly roll.

I just love how this is turned out and plan to make another one for myself in the French General range of lovely blues, reds and creams. 

This one however is done in Butterscotch and roses by Fig tree, I love the soft caramels, chocolates, warm reds and pretty blues in this palette.

Now its done I can relax with a nice cappuccino.