Wednesday, February 29, 2012

With only a few hours to spare . . .

Talk about leaving it til the last minute!!  But isn't that what deadlines are all about????
I don't remember now when I started this quilt - I selected bright balis in consultation with D#1 and did a class at my LQS.  I got the top finished over a year ago and 3/4 of it quilted.  So this year I have finished the quilting and done the binding so its all done now and ready to hand over to D & SIL.  I hope she still likes it.  (And of course it goes with the little table toppers I finished for January.)  Its quite big - it easily covers the top of a queen sized bed.

a close up - and better resemblance of the colours.

The pattern was called Transitions.

Only Little.....

See this little tag. it is part of a bigger picture. I finished the bigger picture for Christmas, but this little tiny simple tag didn't get done. It has been nagging me from my incomplete basket. Whispering not always quietly....... Well it is done. I had completed the stitchery about two years ago, all I had to do was blanket stitch it to the felt and add the ribbon and bells. 

 This is the bigger picture it belongs too.

A Teddlywinks design.
I know it is only another small one, I have had kids and then husband home on holidays so I have not had the house too myself since the 1st of December 2011. I have now finally got rid of them all and the juices to sew are starting to flow. I have some big ones to finish so here's to March.....

A couple of hours to spare

So it took longer than planned but I did get Under the Sea by Cheryl Goss of Willowberry Designs finished this afternoon.  This bom was started 2010.
I am really happy with the way it turned out.
Back looks good too for a change of scenery.
Now to work on another 2 year old bom as my finish for March.
Have fun doing what ever you are doing.

Leslie's February Finish!

I have an almost Feb finish, but work got in the way before I could finish sewing this together as a cushion before I left to go on vacation!
I'll get this cushion finished up when I get home as it is my Leap Day Bloghop Giveaway (with a little more TBA when I get home, I promise).
I'm behind on checking your Feb finishes, but I'll catch up!
I'll get a UFO done for March too when I get home.
Take care, Leslie

Thankful for the extra day!!!! 2nd and 3rd Finishes

I had these finished a couple of days ago but wasn't able to find time to take some pics. They aren't the best pics due to our gloomy weather here in the Nations Capital.
My 2nd UFO finish is a little table runner that was one of the projects at a stitching day I went to last year in May I think. I started it the day I got home and have just finished!!!

and my 3rd finish is using the left over blocks from Rhiannon's That Girl quilt which I finished in feb 2011. I made the two left overs to make at her request a quilt for Rosie Bear

 Rhiannon has said Rosie loves it!!!

So that's finishes 2 and 3 for me...I am working on getting Milla's birth quilt finished (only 5 months late) so we can deliver it on the 10th....then I need to do a little sewing for the fete then back to the UFO pile and hopefully get Isaac's Boy Story quilt finished for my March finish
Cheers to you all

UFO Project # 5 .....

It is the end of February already and since it is a leap year we got an extra day.... thank goodness!!  I am always happy to be given an extra day

I worked out that if I can do 2 of my UFO's a month I will get through them this year - I wonder if I will keep up... anyway.. this is my second UFO for February

This quilt is made from favourite T shirts of one of my sons... I had cut them and got them all prepared some time last year and then they sat waiting for inspiration....I  did get blocks together in January and last week I did the quilting (takes me a few days as I only do a bit at a time) and the binding was stitched down this weekend whilst I watched some cricket....

An all over meander.... .the T shirt fabric isn't the best to practice FMQ - but it will hold together...

I can't pass by spots or stripes on binding.. and this one had all the right colours....

I know youngersonthirdborninthefamily will love it....

it is soft and cuddly .....

I used one of the printed pieces for my label... rather amused me....

It will be off to it's new home soon....

Thanks again Dawn and Wendy for keeping us going with our UFO's

Yes, I did finish something

This is a project which was started two years ago when I went to Girls Day in the Country in Nundle. It was designed by Kerry as a project to practice punch needle.  I had the punch needle done but I needed to finish the case. Finally it is done....just when I am about to go to Girl's Day in the Country again where there will be more new projects. Hopefully they won't take so long to finish.

Mystery UFO finished

I finished one UFO yesterday
but I can't show a picture as yet because I need to send it to the recipient first, hence the name for now of Mystery UFO.

Of course I am happy and proud to have finish one UFO of my list. But I am also ashamed it has taken me so long because this was a friendship project. I gathered the blocks in the Spring last year with a view of assembling and finishing the quilt to send it off in the summer. But life got in the way, I spent most of the summer with no energy, resting most of the time and being signed off work. Then I went back to work in September and I must admit I did pick that project first because I had so much to catch up with. So I only picked the blocks again towards the end of last year with the idea of finally making the quilt. I managed to piece the top before Baby Daughter was born but didn't go any further so, of course, it had been waiting since. Finally earlier this month, I picked it up again to add the border, quilt the top and this last week add the binding. The quilt is now finish and ready to fly!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Sixth Finish

This one is called Raising Cane and is another mystery from 2009.  It is from A Pocket Full of Mysteries yahoo group and was designed by Dorothy Young.  I am so excited to have some of these tops out of the closet and turned into quilts.

Monday, February 27, 2012

this Sewingcase...

-is my Feburay-Finishedobject
I have had all the pices in a box,
I used them to show how to sew
such a sewingcase when I was giving classes.  
Now I feld that I need on for my Stitchery
And here you see my first SIF-Stitchery Block,
thanks to Dawn and Wendy, 
can´t wait to sew the next one.
I used crayons to color the block,
first time I tryed it, and I think it looks nice.
Liebe Grüße
Bente - Germany

Sunday, February 26, 2012

February UFO - Done

 This month I chose to finish this hexagon table topper.  I started this project about 4 years ago and finished it quickly except for the origami flower inserts.  I was just never happy with how they were finished off.

The Origami flowers were very fiddly
 The pattern instructions was to sew a button to the centre of the flower which I did but I was never happy.  Maybe the buttons were not big enough and the raw edges kept creeping into view.  What to do? Deciding to finish this project forced me to think about it a great deal and come to a decision about what I was going to do and I came up with applying some circles over the raw edges with heavy duty "heat and bond" and then sewing a button over that.
see how the  raw edges start creeping  out from under the button

hoping these discs with will do the trick
here goes

I was really happy with how this all turned out.  I used a bigger sized button which cost me a fortune but well worth it now that it is finished.

I did toy with the idea of hand quilting the hexagons but decided against it.  This whole table topper is hand sewn and was a joy to create (except perhaps for the origami bits!)

Till I post again in March

Keep your needles threaded!
 Bits 'n Bobs

At last…..

Back in 2007 I went along to a work shop run by the local CWA. I bought this kit and started making the caddy.
Then it was tucked away in the back of my cupboard in the cave.


and I am now pleased to say it is finally finished.



thanks to Wendy and Dawn organising this Blog I am slowly finishing my  UFOs.

Finish No 5

A Mystery Finish

Last year our Mystery Club presented us with a challenge to use the "Ugly" fabric we exchanged.  As you can see I ended up with this Very Bright Yellow and Black stripe yard of fabric.  I really didn't like the fabric but after adding black it didn't look so bad. 

I completed the top and tossed it with other UFO's.  This month I quilted and bound it....Sew It's Finished #5.  Now I can start a new project....since I finished an old one.

February Finish

With the start of the school year, life has become definitely more crazy again, but I still managed to complete these two WIPs:
It is straighter than this picture would indicate!

This guy and his brother below are my favourites!

Some of the quilting from the back; I followed Leah Day's advice about matching top and bobbin thread. There are some puckers, but nothing 'fatal'.

Youngest DS fast asleep under his new quilt (with his thumb plucked in) - didn't even wake up when I turned on the big light to take this pic. Note the dinos on the blinds?
Here you can read more about the making of this quilt.

I can't remember if I had counted this next project on my UFO list at the start of the year, but it was started in 2011 and is finished now:
I made this as a practise for my pastel tesselation quilt to go onto our NZ Superking size bed. Using it as practise piece for feather quilting, I divided it in half diagonally like the Quadruple Disappearing Nine Patch which will also go on our bed.

It took me some time to figure out how to do plumes in the inside of a circle.

On SewCalGal's site is an excellent tutorial on quilting feathers by Diane Gaudynski as part of the 2012 FMQ Challenge (I didn't sign the pledge but still find it interesting to look at). I had read one of Diane's books, but her tutorial was a lot more helpful to me.
If I counted right, this makes it 6 finishes so far - yay!

Finish #2

This quilt is one that I started in September 2011 as a QAL with our fabric store in the area.  It was done on a monthly basis; I hand quilted it this past week. It measures 60"x70". The applique piece along the top was cut out with the Go!Baby....the die is the Round Flower.


Finish Number Five!

After the reminder from Wendy I thought I better get my other finishes posted.
I finally finished the New Years Mystery quilt from 2009. I think it had been hanging in the closet long enough.
This quilt was designed by Ann from the FabricaholicsAnonymous Yahoo Group.  Another one I can scratch off my list.

Nancy R

Yah, Number Four

How Does Your Garden Grow is a quilt kit by Pat Wys I started back in 2005.  I had some of the blocks made but none of the appliqué. I wasn't really a fan of applique' back then but over the years I have come to really enjoy doing all types of applique'

On this quilt I decided to try something I hadn't done before - Hand appplique' by machine.
Instead of using freezer paper to make my shapes I used a wash away fusible material sold by Jenny Haskins called Tearaway Magic.  This material is supposed to dissolve when washed so you don't have to cut your background to remove the paper.  I think it worked pretty well.  Most of it dissolved leaving only a few fibers which seemed to give the applique' a little poof.  I have a little more explanation here.
This group has really been great for helping me finish some of my projects.
Nancy R