Thursday, February 28, 2013

In The Nick Of Time... Another Finish For February

These rail fence blocks were from a block exchange I did with an online Prodigy group 15 years ago.  I was cleaning out my quilt closet last month and came across them and thought they would be a good Quilts Of Valor I whipped them together, added a couple borders, my friends Chris and Karen quilted it and I got the binding on it yesterday!!!   It feels good to have this one done!

It is not 10 years old....

..... but getting close!

I have been spending most of my spare time lately working on a UFO quilt - quite a large one, which I had hoped to have finished this month.  However this afternoon I needed a break from it so decided to make something completely different.

 In 2004 (yes, I even dated it down in the right hand corner) one of the members of our Craft Group taught us painting and shading using folk art paints or water colour pencils, and fabric medium, on calico.  She had traced the picture for us and we did the colouring under her direction - I chose to use the paints.  I so enjoyed doing it but wasnt too sure what to do with it.
This month I decided it was time to continue working on it.  I outline stitched the girls, then decided to make a cushion for my little girl Grandie.
 I used some pretty trim that is like little tassels, and striped piping.  (love making and using piping, and it looks so good in diagonal stripes).

Finally Finished!

This quilt was hand pieced in 1985 as a block of the month and was my second quilting/piecing project.  (The first one was four blocks from a beginners class...which never was finished.)  My mom started quilting it for me but she passed away in 1987.  I finally pulled the quilt back out and had it quilted.  Dan did a fabulous job - every block has a different quilting pattern and the borders are gorgeous!

I finished binding just in time to post this month.  It's been cold here and every time I sat down after to work with my quilt to bind, I wound up taking a nap!  It's so warm and cozy!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Finishes

I have two finishes for this month.

Firstly a quilt I started last year for my daughters best friend who was married last December - I was a bit late finishing it and have just handed it over - so at least it can be counted as a finish here.  I had made one very similar for my Daughter when she was married in 2011.

Secondly is this house quilt - a pattern by Marg Low called "Little Red House".  I started it last August when on retreat and ran into a problem.  So I packed it away again and got on with other stuff at the retreat.  I tried again a few months ago - still irking me - so away it went again.  This time - it had to be the February finish, so I persisted and now its all done.  ( I have to admit it nearly hit the bin at least twice - and yes it needed an iron.)

Why did I wait so long??

That is my question.

Why did these poor kangaroos have to sit for 4, 5 maybe 6 months before they got faces??? Why, why why?
And then it only took 20 mins to get them done.  One day I will learn.

Meet Kanga, Roo & Joey
"Hi, I'm Roo, pleased to meet you." 
 "Don't forget about me, I might be little but I'm here too.  I'm Joey"
I am so glad I finally gave these kangaroos faces and indeed personalities.  My 7 year old will be happy too as these are his.  He started making them with me all those months ago and he was just waiting for his slack mum to give them faces.

So that is one finish for February, 4 so far for 2013.

A Christmas Finish

Here is my Christmas Tree Skirt finally finished. Heehee...Just in time for Chrissy this year.
I started this last year and unfortunately with the end of the year getting so busy I never got around to finish it for Chrissy 2012. So now after backing quilting, binding and adding some suffolk puffs & ribbon, I'm pleased to say it is complete.

Sorry about the lighting in the pic, it's very overcast here today.

Are your February finishes posted yet?

Only one day left till the end of the month……make sure you’ve posted your finishes to our blog before then, so I can send you a free copy of month 2 of our  BOM “A Year Full of Blooms”.

Loving our finishes so far!!!

xox Sew many Hugs

Wendy and Dawn :O)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finish For The Month

I am hopping in here with a quick finish for the month.  It's kind of embarrassing to say, but I started this a couple years ago.  Why I sat it aside, I have no idea, but now it's quilted and the binding is on.
As always, thanks to Wendy and Dawn for this wonderful group.

Monday, February 25, 2013

A small finish.

I started this little hanger early last year, and all I needed to do to finish it was to stitch the words and sew on the binding, which is what I did over the weekend.
I bought the kit (by Country Cupboard) a couple of years ago, and I just love it. I would really like to make another one, but in my own colours, as I feel the legs, hands and face are a bit too close in colour to the background fabric, so they don't show up very well.

Another one finished and ??? to go. So till next time.....

A Splash of Purple

I'm not sure just what it is about the color purple, but I seem to find myself sewing with it A LOT.   I don't wear it and I don't decorate with it, but it manages to find itself in my quilts.  Hmmm.   Maybe someone is trying to tell me something.

I started this quilt probably four or five years ago, got bored with it and put the blocks aside.  Maybe it was the purple.  Anyway, last year I dragged the blocks out, sewed them together and sent it off for quilting.  Again....there it sat with no binding for over a year.  Was it too purple???? 

This month I dragged it out once more and finally sewed that binding on and now can say it's completed.  Do you see all the green in it???  I do.'s finished.  Yeah.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A spotty finish ;)

I have managed another finish for 2013 - this is from my Misc List of bits and pieces (orphan blocks)

this is all I can show you for now, as it is a gift
and I want to wait until the recipient gets it before the big reveal.

Cheers, Cathy

Two finishes

It has been an extra good month , two finishes yeah! The first one I will show are my crazy patch blocks that were from a RR exchange and sat on my shelf for many months waiting for inspiration to get me going on finishing them . It was such a fun and challenging exchange and I am thrilled to now have this finished .
Sorry for the terrible photo but it was the best I could do at the time. Next is my Winter in Blogland , a free design from Ellie's Quilt Place as well as a couple of other blogs ,sorry I don't have the names but all of the patterns can be found on Ellie's sidebar.
This has a Christmas theme but I am much too late for that however you could say I am ahead of the game for 2013 Christmas ;-) So nice to have these two finished up now on to a few more ;-0

Friday, February 22, 2013

A few more small finishes - my 3rd & 4th

I have quite a few of these hand towels cut out for gifts last year but ran out of time, soooo I am slowly making my way through them, this one is wining its way over to Perth as part of a care package.

  And below is another 10 book marks for work.

Another Fun Finish

I had seen these Spool Pin Doilies on Bonnie Hunter blog and like the idea. She had a pattern for the one she shown but I did not like it that much so I decided to make up one I wanted.
I have made a few different ones and plan to make one for all in my stitch group
If you would the pattern to the design I made you can find it on my blog.


Last time I pooped over here I said the ONLY thing I really wanted to finish this year was my big blue/white Dresden Plate quilt.

I can't find it.

It went into storage along with everything else in our garage when we got flooded.  Then we unpacked MOST of the storage box to get out various things we needed, then it went back to the storage facility.
The men (drat) didn't unpack EVERYTHING, so my quilt is still in the box.  *sigh*

So I have been forced to work on other UFO's that we did find.

Today I finished a bag for my 2nd daughter, she is 33 TODAY.  I started this bag for her about 2 years ago!

ABOVE:  Lacy loves PURPLE, so I thought this fabric was purple enough!  Got it in a sale at Spotlight, love that store!

ABOVE:  Lacy will be able to use it as her 'Baby Bag' ... because you can fit so much in it.

I've probably made about 10 of these bags now... they are just so POPULAR!

I'm very happy I have another FINISH to show off!  That is two for this year... not bad for me!



A reminder as I've only had a handful of replies....just in case you missed it! ;o)

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thanks so much....this helps us make our blog even better for you!
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Sew many hugs
Wendy and Dawn :O)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

7 more UFO Pillowcases done

Hi everyone!  well, Monday was suppose to be my sew day, and it was kind of!   LOL....  I went to a friends and did LOTS of tracing for an Amy Bradley Christmas swap I am in and some hand embroidery done.  so, my pillowcases didn't get done till yesterday.  So I finished 7 pillowcases finished, folded, and put away for Christmas.  yeah!  

 I figured I used 7 1/2 yards fabric.  all from stash since it is a couple of years old.  oh to finish.....  my goodness it feels good!

thanks for looking.....  16 finishes!


Monday, February 18, 2013


Managed to finish this Cot Panel Quilt for another February Finish…


That makes Finish No 3….
Hugz  Maria

Unspectacular Finish

My new job has taken up a lot of my time, but I managed to do DH a favour and complete one of the fluffy cushion covers he asked for:

There was no fluffy fabric to be found anywhere until DH saw this fluffy blanket at The Warehouse. I should have taken the felt-like backing off, it cost me a fair bit of nerve and two needles because it was too thick! Anyway, it's done and on the sofa :-)

Happy Sewing!

Here we go.......

Hi everyone!  getting a late start on UFOs this month.  My brother go married this month. sooooooo, at least the quilt for them was an UFO.  I think I posted that one last month.  

anyway,  first off is a pillowcase.  a happy birthday pillowcase.  I have 5 children and 20 grands.  my goals a couple of years ago was to make a birthday box for each of them.  One box for each family.  a lap quilt, and table runner, a pillowcase, and a banner.  sigh.... bought the fabric, got almost everything cut out and ready to sew, then for whatever reason stopped.... sigh......  LOL...  so 1st of 7 pillowcases done.  I plan on sewing the rest of those babies this week.  I have several opportunities to sew this week.  the serger is out and ready to go.  I am set!  

 The fabric was bought at Joann's several years ago. and was my inspiration.  

Next is my monthly small wall hanging.  I have all the embroideries ready to sew and most of the borders cut.  

Love being able to change things out.  it just makes me smile.  

I figure I used about 1 2/3 yards stash.  nothing bought!  yeah!!!  

thanks.....  hugs....


Sunday, February 17, 2013

English Paper Pieced Balls

Around four years ago I joined an I Spy charm swap. I had tons of charms to use and made a few different things. One of the things I started was these  balls. I made a few and gave them away at baby showers and used them for stocking stuffers. I love working with hexagons/pentagons. While I was going through my fabric stash I came across three balls that were sewn together but never stuffed.  I fixed that problem.

Now to get the binding added to the two quilts I finally finished.

~Robin L. (3 finishes)  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Apprentices finish UFOs

Although these next 2 finishes arent counted in my UFO tally, I thought I would share them nonetheless, as they are  using my UFO orphan blocks.

My 2 young apprentices did their first sewing today.  They found some stray 4 patch squares that I have had floating around in my UFO collection for some years. I also had a practice machine embroidered piece.  My 2 young Grandies, aged 7 and 5 collected up all the bits they could find, as they wanted to make quilts for their Teddy Bears.

Charlies has 4 x 4 patches, 2 squares and the embroidery piece, while Kai's is made up of 6 x 4 patches.  They then sewed on the borders, and a backing.  They look rather pleased with their work.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A mini finish

I am playing along with Cheryl and have joined her mini quilt club, 


this month we are making mini quilts to celebrate St Patricks day in March.

Now I don’t even know who am going to be sending this to – it could be you.



I started this last weekend and have quilted it and bound it this afternoon.   See my little free motion shamrocks I am pretty proud of them


I know its not a UFO, but this is likely to be my only Finish for February so I needed to share something. Smile

February Finish

I have a little finish of a UFO that has only been going since December 2011. I made mug rugs for Christmas presents that year and had a couple leftover. Yay I was going to get them. So often I make goodies for others, love them to pieces and with good intentions plan on making it for myself, and then never get around to it. Alas I did not buy enough backing fabric, so they have been taunting me ever since. Leftovers from another project to the rescue and they are finished.

I will pack these away until next Christmas now. They match my table runner so I am super chuffed to have them ready. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentines Day finish

Just in the nick of time...3 years later! LOL. It has been pieced, waiting so patiently to be quilted. And now it is. I did this as a class sample a few years ago.

Crazy Hearts, a Buggy Barn pattern. I meandered around the hearts, did pebbles in the outer heart and echoed the inner hearts. I did add a few 'kisses', 'love' and 'hugs' for my hubby's sake.

Happy Heart Day to my hubby!

Aka Passionate Quilter

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Second UFO Finish…

It is a tiny finish but a finished UFO just the same… I made this "Spool Mini" last year or was it the year before ???


Any way all it needed was the little loops to put the hanger on and a label on.… Now it’s done and on it’s way to a new owner…..

Hugz  Maria

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm Taking Credit

This is my first post to the blog and I hope you don't think I'm cheating!  This lovely quilt was made by my daughter Melanie some years ago as you can probably tell by the Prints Charming fabric used.  Melanie has to move interstate and in cleanup mode before the move, she gave the quilt to me.  My friend Evol has a Gamil and quilted it for me and I simply completed the binding.

It looks so bright, fresh and relaxing that I'm sure it will bring joy to the person it will be gifted to!

Bev (BevBsews)

Aussie Hero quilt

Another one is done.
I had cut out squares and started making blocks for a quilt about 4 years ago before a Grandie was born, then the nursery theme changed, and I didnt carry on.  By adding a few more blocks, and changing it to a disappearing 9 patch I have now made an Aussie Hero quilt.

 This one is being sent to a person serving on one of our Navy ships. It is a combination of sailing, surfing, lighthouses, penguins and other sea pics, so hopefully he will like it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shoo, Flies

Another one out of the UFO drawer and ready for use -
 A few years ago we were making a mesh food cover at our sewing club.  We used the Double Mitre Ruler by the Sewing Revolution to make the frame, then a mesh fabric sewn into the frame.  The corners were to be weighted, but as I have not found the pattern, I am not sure how that was done.  I decided not to try weighting them at this stage, and can do so if needed at a later time.
I did the frame in the class, so just had to sew the mesh in at home.  

This will be very useful at picnics.  Every time we are eating outdoors I think I must finish this off so we can use it to cover the food from the flies that like to invite themselves along.  Now I just need to remember to pack it.