Monday, December 31, 2012

Dilly Dally Strip Quilt

Here is one last finish for 2012... My Dilly Dally Strip (jelly roll) quilt! I loved this line, it's so bright and cheery!!
I made it for my niece and gave it to her on Christmas day.

I was able to get quilts made for three of my nieces and nephews this year for Christmas. From the picture my sister sent me it looks like they will get plenty of use :)

Happy Sewing!!



Sew It's Finished.....17 and 18!!!

Here's my finishes for the month....and year end total numbers 17 and 18......WOOHOO!!!!  These were started and quilted summer/fall of 2011.  Notice I said quilted....ugh!!!!!  They just needed bad am I, especially considering I have a binding business.  I get my customers quilts done lickity splicity, but mine, well I can tell you there is a huge pile waiting for me to get to them.   I can not even begin to thank Wendy and Dawn enough for this group.  I know for a fact that the 18 projects I finished this year would not have happened without a  HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU TWO!!! You rock!!!
Happy New Years everyone!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last finish for 2012

Firstly I would like to thank Wendy and Dawn for organising “ Sew It’s Finished” Even though I did not complete everything on my list posted HERE
I have completed many and along the way found more in my cupboard or boxes which I finished..
I hope you will run the blog again next year Ladies as I still have many UFO’s to complete and three that have been on the list for two years…LOL.

For christmas 2010 I made this for my friend Linda  and started it’s mate but only completed one and a half rows..

021 (2)

This year I finished it’s mate and gave it to Linda to hang along with it’s friend.


This was my 14th finish for the year…..

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2013 and hope to sew along with you to finish our UFO’S in 2013.
I will be organising my list soon……..

Hugz  Maria

Chicken in the nick of time

I managed to get one more finish done in 2012, Checkered chickens.

I have been saving chook fabric for about 2 years and had in mind to make a quilt with it but had no pattern.  Then I found this one on ebay and knew it was meant to be the one.  It was an easy fun quilt to make and I simply stitched around each chook and did an all over stipple.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last 2012 Project

In my main patchwork group (LT for short) each year we either give some fabric or make a block for everyone's birthday.  In 2010 we each made "happy blocks" and I chose blue & silver Christmas themes.  I was able to make them into this:  (with a couple of additional blocks). 

At the same time I collected some extra strips and squares to make into coasters.  Finally, I have finished a set to match.

That's my last SIF project for 2012.

I have found it wonderfully encouraging that Dawn & Wendy give us a little "surprise" if we get a project done and I really hope they can continue on with a similar theme.  It really made me push myself to do one a month - though I have to admit that if I had somehow managed two in a month I would have kept one up my sleeve - in case.

So, a big thanks to Dawn & Wendy

and a Happy New Year to all SIF bloggers!
May it be happy & healthy and full of Finishes!!!


Gails 7th finish

Its been a long time since I have posted. Life has thrown me several curve balls and I just havent had time to sew. But I have been unwell over the last few days and haven't been able to do anything else sooooooooooooo I grabbed out a UFO and finished it. I started putting this framed this framed hexi table runner together in March. Each hexi was made for me in a swap from my friends over at Our Craft forum quite a few years ago and has been waiting very patiently to start its life as a table runner. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Finish Times TWO!

I have been burning the midnight oil and have been making much progress!
 Here is the Thomas the train quilt I made for my nephew...

And a Robot quilt for my other nephew...
I hope all your last minute gifts are coming together easily... lol :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wonky Donkey Quilt!


I was able to finish this quilt just in time to be delivered to my sons kindergarten teacher for their Christmas party. I LOVE this quilt!!! I originally was making it to keep but when my son said his teacher would really, really like it I knew what had to be done.

I do think she liked it and I am sure it will get much use :)
Thanks for stopping in!! Vickey

A Christmas Cushion

I started this at Xmas last year and finished it late January, but did not post about it.  I thought I had but can not find it,  so mustn't have, though have marked it off on my Sew Its Finished list as being completed.  
Anyway with it being Xmas in two more days,  what a appropriate finish to blog about.

I got my picture from here and used it as a stitchery.  Once I stitched it up, I thought why not turn it into a cushion, which is what I done.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Probably my last UFO for the year....

This is the picture I included on my list of UFO's at the beginning of the year

I had previously 'candlewicked' the design and added wadding and done the quilting.....

so all I needed was to add a lining... with pockets... and some rope straps....

I put the seam in the middle on one side .....

... perfect for these warm summer days....

Righto, Gotto Go..... frantically trying to tidy up for next year - some of those UFO's have been hanging on too long!

Merry Christmas everyone..... 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Christmas Sampler ...


….is finished…….finally!

048 (Medium)051 (Medium)

A Leanne Beasley design I started……..a ‘few’ years ago???……..

050 (Medium)

…….there’s the proof!

Very Christmassy….and just in time!!!!  hee hee



Sew many hugs xox


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It took me a while but it is finished

I must say I am pretty slack at posting these days , I finished this pillow earlier this month and had plans on posting here but it just did not happen. Anyway this Christmas pillow only took me TEN years to complete , pretty sad huh , but at least it has finally become a finished project and no longer a UFO .The worst part is it only took me about 30minutes or less to complete .
I had attended a retreat with the Northumberland Quilt Guild in 2002 and one of our workshops was reverse applique to make this poinsetta ,I loved the retreat and the workshop but after arriving home I promptly put this away for revisiting later and I am sure I had plans on finishing it before Christmas of that year , the retreat was in August I believe ,anyway it never surfaced again until recently when I was in search of something else and came across this in a container .The funny thing is that after all this time I still had a piece of the red fabric I had used  in the center to finish off the front but not quite enough to do the back  but found another red that was a perfect match .I hope each and everyone of you have a very Merry Christmas .
Hugs Sheila

A Christmas star is finished

I think this is my 10th finish since I joined the group in May, so I am positively delighted with the inspiration Wendy, Dawn and fellow quilters have given me.  Progress  this year on reducing the cupboard full of UFO's has been made, so I'm looking forward to even better results next year - of course, it would help if I stopped making more projects to complete in the meantime!
[but then I wouldn't any to finish, would I?]

I photographed my lovely Christmas star wall-hanging today, and now the replacement 'universal' USB cord I had to doesn't want to fit my camera - agghhh, technology....  I will add a photo as soon as I can.  Meantime, here's a bit of a description.

The project began life 3 or 4 years in a quilting group 'Round Robin'.  My husband designed a lovely Christmas star  several years earlier for me, so I used that in cream on a dark blue sky fabric as my centre.  I did not see the project again until the end of the year when others had added their contributions in different rounds.  I didn't like the final wide border, a metallic green, so off to the cupboard it went for several years.  I finally decided the only way to finish it was to remove the green, and replace it with a narrow red border and a wider gold on cream outer border, and bind it in blue.  These 3 fabrics tied in most of the colours used, and I'm happy to hang it in our lounge now.

Happy Christmas and a wonderful quilting year ahead to everyone at S.I. F.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bom block for November

Hi Girls....

Sorry for the delay....numerous visits to doctors and specialists all over the state has taken up most of my time this month and last already!!!

Nice to know my son takes after me in 'some' fashion.....even if it is the "constant need for medical attention" side!!!! It started with a fracture in his wrist and now a torn ligament in his wrist, tomorrow is surgery to remove his wisdom teeth (not so wise!!!) and last Friday we flew to Brisbane to see a specialist about an eye issue he's had for a while now, to find he has confirmed keratoconus which means we have to fly down again in February to have a relatively new procedure done called corneal collagen cross-linking, where they scrape back the corneal tissue and place specifically formulated eye drops containing riboflavin (vitamin B2) on the cornea, and then activate them by a special light to strengthen the connective tissue (collagen) within the eye ....apparently the specialist equates the first night after having it done to childbirth....I'm not looking forward to spending this night with my 18 year old son, that's for sure!!!!

Anyhoo.....that's yet to come....I'm sure you'll hear us from wherever you are!!!!!.....

November's block was a no-brainer for me......I thought...what is the most significant Aussie thing that happens in November??? First thing that comes to mind???......Melbourne Cup!


I hope you like it!!....I really enjoyed designing this one for you.

Although there were only 12 finishes this still took us to 367 finishes....I'm figuring everyone was more intent on getting Christmas swaps and gifts sorted than worrying about UFOs! But now we have a little bit of time, I'm still confident we can reach our goal of 500...or maybe come very close! After is only 133 finishes to go...and I have one done that I have to post so that takes it to 132....whaddya think?????

Good luck girls ….. Go forth and Sew Many Hugs

Wendy :O) xox

Monday, December 17, 2012

Fairies and a Snowman

Back in September I completed my 4th 'Sew Its Finished' finish, when after about 6 years I completed this project for my daughters 10th birthday.  It was supposed to be a bolster cushion but eventually morphed into a covered 8" x 12" canvas.  The stitchery is from Natalie Birds Fairyland book.

My fifth finish is this Lizzie Kate 2010 Snowman that I sent as part of a Christmas exchange this year.  It's only a small finish, but I'm happy to count anything!!

I hope everyone is making great progress on their UFO's, I have another three that are very close and SHOULD be done by the end of the year........ good luck to everyone to get lots more done before the 31st!!

Happy stitching everyone......... Nicky x
Farm Girl Stitching

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Flower Garden

This wall hanging is called Flower Garden and was started in a class with Michelle from Kiel Mountain Colours (Sunshine Coast, Queensland.)  We commenced this in early 2010,


The first lesson we used Dala sun reactive paints to prepare our background fabric.  I did mine very different from the sample shown to us (some of us are like that aren’t we)



We then had a couple of weeks to trace on our design and quilt the outlines.  Each line had to be stitched over 3 or 4 times. 



Next lesson was to teach us about using the inktense pencils, and water soluble crayons to colour our flowers and leaves.


On completing that we then had to quilt the background.  I added the quilted vine in the top centre part, the pebbles at the bottom, echo quilting around all the flowers, leaves and stems, and some stippling between the vine and the stems.


As often seems to happen, once I started work on this UFO it didn’t take so long to complete – it was done in less than a week.


I have enjoyed all techniques used in this wall hanging.  All that is left is to find somewhere to hang it.  There’s sure to be a bare space once the Christmas decorations are packed away.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

An unexpected finish - or not that fabric again!!!

When I came into the office on Wednesday, Heather, our lovely Early Intervention Teacher, had organised our Christmas Do - a breakfast at a local cafe next Wednesday. I am on annual leave, but DH should be able to look after the boys so I can sneak out and have a good time lol.
Part of the arrangement is a $5 Secret Santa - there ain't much you can buy for $5 nowadays!!! Mug rug came to mind straight away, and this morning I dove into my scraps and came across a good old friend (and there are still some more leftovers!!!). With two layers of cotton batting and one layer of insulated batting this should hopefully work as mug rug or even as a kind of trivet.
I might just have to get rid of the rest of those scraps - I saw Rhianon, the Nifty Sitcher, do a slashed top recently, maybe that's where these will end?
If I don't get to post again, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I can't wait to see if Wendy and Dawn are going to run another Sew It's Finished next year because I already have stashed up on new UFOs this year!
Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa table runner

I received these lovely blocks from ladies in the Christmas quilting block swap group and stitched them all together for a table runner,

the blocks are from Lorraine, Fiona and Rosemary, borders and quilting by me :)  It does not show well in the photo, but the centre block from Fiona has a cute Santa redwork stitchery, hence my name for this runner.

Doesn't it look lovely ready in time for my Christmas table

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another one done.....

..... my peg basket has done me so well over the years .....

... but there's a new boy on the block.....

ok... so it's silly to gender a peg bag....

but admit it... you'd like a snazzy looking male to help with your washing wouldn't you????

This was a UFO from laaaaaaaast year... I was initially going to use up an old pair of shrunken jeans but I changed my mind (as I am totally entitled to do) and recycled an old table cloth.... and used up some scraps... and some of those buttons which seem to pop up in the washing machine from time to time....

... my old friend is being recycled.... 

..... into garden mulch.....

I would like to get another UFO done this year... not sure I will though....

.... so just in case I don't.......

Best wishes to you all for a wonderful festive season and thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement